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  1. Hi, I’ve just changed the brake fluid on my 2005 D4D Avensis and the brake pedal has gone very hard. Brakes are very poor and the hand brake light is on intermittently. Bleed them first by myself with a kit and the second time with a buddy. Fluid level is fine.
  2. I found out what the problem is. Nothing to do with the clutch replacement and only coincidental it appeared during it. The clutch fluid line in the picture was leaking fluid. I will need to cut back the metal part to where there is no rust and connect to a new flexible pipe.
  3. Just an update on my clutch replacement. I ****** up some where😢. I got everything back together and put the car in reverse, the clutch was very soft with a sharp and quick bite point. When I pressed the clutch again to go into first I couldn't select any gear. The were only two things I was unsure of when putting back together . 1. When installing the pressure plate initially there was a gap between the pressure plate frame and the flywheel, this was before I tightened down any bolts. I then tightened everything down as per the sequence below and to the torque settings. In the end the pressure plate frame was up against the flywheel and the clutch alignment tool was loose as the diaphragm springs had depressed in towards the engine. 2. The only other thing I did that as was unsure of was the refitting of the slave cylinder. I had to open the bleed screw to relieve pressure to get it into position. I think the problem is with the pressure plate. Should there be a gap between the pressure plate frame and the flywheel? Thanks Jim.
  4. Thanks Konrad, the contamination is what looks to me as "Mean thermal Load" (see DMF Failure inspection list) as the flywheel and clutch are dry. The oil is coming from the rocker cover gasket above. I don't think I repair the rocker cover gasket now. So from what you've said the slippage is from poor pressure plate which I'll be replacing. I just need torque settings for that. DMF Failure inspection list.pdf
  5. Hi, Just got the clutch out and it looks in very good condition for having a 100,000 miles done, I'm not sure why it was slipping? Do you think I should change the fly wheel? its not making any noise and is within the five tooth tolerance. It is the original and has done 183,000miles. Thanks Jim.
  6. Hi avensisd4d786, you say you have the torque setting for the clutch pressure plate, what are they for a 1CD-FTV? I have the toyota manual but there is no mention of torque setting for pressure plate. I finally have gearbox out and going to check the flywheel to see if it needs a change. MANUAL TRANSMISSION & TRANSAXLE.pdf
  7. Hi, Has anyone changed the clutch themselves?
  8. Thanks guys. The pulley if off a 2005 Avensis. I'm going to have a good look at this pulley before putting it back on and maybe run it to see if there are any vibrations. New pulley is €300.
  9. See the pick for my home made pulley removal tool. Did the job. Do you think the pulley should be replaced.
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