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  1. After a cuppa went back out to look pleased to say now all done, and if anyone finds this on a search you do need to remove top engine mount, one bolt is hidden away under the abs unit, you need to remove the 3 bolts on the abs bracket holding it,this allows just enough room to get at the remaining engine mount bolt. Thats one problem sorted now the next, I never actually took mount completely out of the way just moved to one side there is also 2 nuts that need removing from underneath, access via bottom of engine. I found it easier to loosen the large bolt holding tensioner from underneath once this is done jack engine as high as you can and unwind bolt, it is still very tight to remove maybe 1/4" clearance not forgetting the small 12mm nut holding the 'shock' on tensioner, usual thing having done it I would say fairly straight forward but I did have to have a good think and look, hope this helps someone 🚗👍
  2. Hi all lookin for information on changing tensioner on 1.8 rav 4 2003, I can see it and I 'assume' I remove top engine mount, tried dropping engine it appears it won't come out from below. So that only leaves above but struggling to remove mount as ABS unit in way, do I need to remove this or am on the wrong track, I have seem a few clips on you tube but none are exactly my model, any help would be appreciated thank you