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  1. Have you specced the car in CarWOW to see what discount dealers are prepared to go to on a new car? It costs nothing to find out and results can be used in your negotiations.
  2. Yes, appears totally normal with this car, and it's not down to lack of use or dampness with mine. I've purposely checked it out once or twice in the last 12 months and it happens even when I've done a long run.
  3. For safety reasons (be safe be seen) surely you would opt to have reversing light capability.
  4. Maybe the garage in question did not 'know' where to look (sorry for the poor pun)😉
  5. We got the TS for the extra space so we could actually use it for touring for 2 of us + 2 bikes and a small dog, it ticks all our boxes. As for 5 up + dog etc I think you will be fine for 'shorter' journeys but the back seats can be a touch claustrophobic with the tinted glass and dark headlining (and roofline for taller passengers)) for longer trips. I have not sat in the middle of the back seat (and never intend to!) but that spot is usually the deal breaker when considering 3 up in the back. Given the fold down rear arm rest I think it will most likely be a tad hard sitting on the middle
  6. I don't have the speed limit warning set, that would drive me nuts, or is it that this is something independent of that 'limiter' warning control i.e. the radar cruise control is doing it automatically when you exceed the actual limit (I've only been travelling less than 30 mph each time it's happened)?
  7. Yes, 2 beeps half a mile before passing a local speed camera on my nearside, no notification driving the other way. Whether the system is set up on the assumption that speed cameras only look at one side of the road I'm not sure, but 'seems' to be the logic in the Corolla. I have a question: On 2 or 3 occasions I've heard 4 rapid beeps just after I've pressed a button on the right hand side of the steering wheel. It's been night time each time it's happened and I 'thought' I had pressed the cruise reset but may have inadvertantly touched something else. Anyone else experienced 4 b
  8. I have a tow bar bike carrier. A pet hate of mine is following cars loaded up with bikes that completely obscure their tail and indicator lights. Very few seem to follow (or know about) the legal requirement to display a tailboard if lights are obscured, and police don't seem bothered to pull anyone anymore
  9. Escalate directly to Toyota UK customer service as a complaint, detail issues comprehensively, what you would like them to do i.e. full investigation. Explain to them what your (I presume local) dealer's response was to your concerns. Sounds like you are just being 'fobbed off'. Various dealers are notorious for sidestepping their customer's concerns, partly down to poor attitude, partly down to wasting to avoid warranty work like the plague.
  10. Taxi's, as well as hire cars, have usually had multiple drivers. Some taxis companies hot bed their cars to maximise their time on the road and to get their moneys worth from the car. I've only once considered an ex-hire car, and that was from the main dealer that took it as a trade in, and it was seriously under book price being ex-hire. Taxi mechanicals and especially interiors, by definition generally have a hard life compared to a 'one owner' car. In your shoes I would check the asking price against dealer stock as a first step, and if that does not persuade you to think carefully at t
  11. I think 'insignificant' just about covers worries over how much the weight of a couple of gallons makes to overall economy in the grand scheme of things. Tyre pressures and driving style are the main determining factors. As for how much fuel just make sure you don't run dry, can be very inconvenient! Tongue in cheek bit now - how far will you drive to get another penny or two off the cost of a litre of fuel (my brother in law does not see the irony in wasting £5 to save £2)? Have you considered dieting as an effective way to improve MPG and is lockdown frustrating your best efforts? Is it
  12. Neither has my wife! She also does not know how to top up the windscreen wash either. Many years ago I asked her to open the bonnet on her car whilst she was sat in it (windscreen wash was empty, winters day, car covered in muck and salt, I'm just heading off to work, in a suit), assuming she could manage to pull the lever, she stuck her hand under the dash and pulled out the indicator servo switch unit! Took 30 minutes upside down, blind under the dash, trying to fit it back in place🙁
  13. Does the butler do it for your cars?
  14. Checking oil when the engine is cold is more accurate. The oil takes time to drain back down into the sump after the engine has been running giving potentially bogus readings plus checking hot oil is a potential safety issue. My car has only 6k on the clock now and the oil still looks as though it has just been poured in fresh. I check my dipstick against 'reflected' light to spot the tell tale sheen as to where the oil level is up to as looking at it directly can make it difficult to spot (I don't carry my reading glasses in my pocket when I'm doing various levels checks!).
  15. Can you be more specific, you say you checked the oil after 48 hours of the car being sat in the garage, when was the last time you checked it and was it the same experience then? As with most things, if you have to 'force' it you are likely doing something wrong/different. As TonyHSD and Catlover state, correct alignment is key. The last couple of inches should see the dipstick clear the block so unlikely a problem at that end, and the handle end should be a tight fit for the last inch or so to give a good seal.
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