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  1. I always run my cars in as well, old habits and all that, most dealers are salespeople and know very little about their product mechanically (some service managers know even less!) The days of 'poor' tolerances and the obligatory first oil change at 500/600 miles to drain the iron filing sludge out, and the instructions not to exceed various revs in each gear for the first 1000 miles or so started disappearing in the 80's for some makes (my local Vauxhall dealer said no need to run in the Astra GTE in 1985, advice which I promptly ignored).
  2. Have you set up your account on Toyota.co.uk? Log in - select My Vehicle - select Owned Cars - select your car - you can access various things including exportable trip data, driving analytics gives you various daily driving data as well (no EV breakdown as such though).
  3. Provided there are no Macdonalds wrappers in the back when it's delivered you should be ok, fingers crossed it's not a rainy day, difficult to check the paintwork when wet😀 As everyone has noted, nominal mileages are fairly standard on new cars. My car had a Brucie Bonus on collection, the dash cam installation footage of the servicing bays and staff wandering around and the careful manoeuvring of the car back into the vehicle park.
  4. I looked fleetingly at the Camry in the showroom but thought it was a car with 2 distinct personalities. Sitting in the driver seat it reminded me of the comfort of my previous A6 S-Line, felt well screwed together and similar cabin space. Stepping out of the car and looking back at it from the outside was the major disappointment as it looked totally nondescript in my eyes. The TS had a great write up and ticked the main boxes for me and can also take a tow bar (for my bike carrier) and also looked much sharper. What accessories have I not tried? Semi automated parking - happier and quick
  5. Just under 40 is my preferred radio/usb setting, max is 62 on mine and no noticeable distortion when on max.
  6. Watch out for the police vans, the latest police radar trap and cameras are accurate to 1km, it can practically see if you have spinach between your front teeth the camera is that good, notwithstanding it can also see what may be in your hand!
  7. I pressed the start button one morning without checking if the stalk position was in auto and 'watched & listened' in horror to my wipers scraping across the rough ice on the screen, ouch!
  8. I looked under the bonnet of a Nissan Cherry (early 80s) and found it had an Alpha Romeo engine, apparently Cherry's built in Italy were fitted with AlphaSud engines and transmissions. It was a way of circumventing import controls on Japanese cars at the time.
  9. Found it: TonyHSD highlighted this particular issue recently: Hi, the only jerks you may experience with your Toyota hybrid is happening when the car had been park on uneven terrain and it’s related to the gearbox parking lock mechanism, when ICE starts the car try to moves forward and if parking lock is in odd position will produce a slight jerks and sometimes accompanied by a slight metallic thumb, there is nothing to worry about. To prevent all these from happening since you have automatic parking brake when you stop at your chosen place put the car into N while holding the brake pedal
  10. Notwithstanding frozen callipers, wasn't this issue covered in a previous thread recently, something to do with needing to 'manually' set the handbrake before switching off?
  11. The only rolling circumference difference between any of these tyres is caused by the difference between full tread and when worn down to legal limit. Speedos always under read to 'help' keep you legal and more importantly for the manufacturer to keep them free from litigation. Just don't put massive tractor tyres on and you should be fine😀
  12. Just updated mine from a USB stick (used wifi hotspot for previous update), pretty straightforward when ignoring the 'official' instructions. Started washing the car whilst it was loading then it started to rain heavily, oh well, helped with the rinsing😀 I couldn't stretch the wash to cover the full installation so ended up looking at the screen from 11/21 onwards. Did not initially realise that my clock displays had paused during the update process until the news came on the radio.
  13. Cheers Michael, I did not initially see the Purchase option at the top of the screen.
  14. I've downloaded the file to computer but didn't spot the code. Is it recoverable from anywhere? Going back in to purchase just confirms already purchased with no apparent way to see any code details.
  15. As mentioned in a previous thread. The sensors can be a tad sensitive so can trip for very small variations in pressure (cold weather in the main). The suggestion put forward, to overcome any 'false warnings' was to inflate the tyres to 2psi below requirement when cold, reset TPMS, then inflate to the correct setting.
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