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  1. if you Google the issue you will find articles from this forum going back quite a few years, amongst others articles out on the web. There are references to the potentiometer potentially (no pun intended) throwing an error, pin hole in the float issues, initial setting of the float being too high/low which explains why the needle takes ages to drop from full (float too low) to having loads left in the tank when indicating empty (float too high). There are also various reset procedures that can recalibrate the potentiometer but obviously are vehicle specific. Any and all of these issues are things any service department worth their salt should be able to test for and identify the culprit. Ask what other tests they have done other than them plugging in the fault code reader. If you get no joy with your dealer/service dept you can always try another Toyota garage, or raise a case with Toyota UK and ask them for assistance with the problem. Has the issue only arisen recently or has it always under read?
  2. It's hard to tell when my engine kicks in and out it is that seamless and smooth. The only way I can really tell (other than some engine noise) is when I see the rev counter needle move. I've test driven both 1.8 and 2.0 and the smooth transition when the engine fired up was the same for both.
  3. Has the gauge always under read since you bought the car or is this something that only occurred recently?
  4. In the 70s/80/90s sunroofs were thought to be a peculiar British consumer must-have. The names of models can also have quite different meanings dependant on country e.g. the original UK Vauxhall Nova was called the Corsa in Spain, not Nova as No Va(yas) is Spanish for NO GO😀
  5. I assume you have 17" alloys on your GR TS. Mine is pretty much whisper quiet with the Falken tyres, have you double checked your tyre pressures?
  6. I had a test drive with both engine sizes before ordering the 2.0 (well SWMBO told the salesman the engine size, colour and spec we were having when he asked me and I was not arguing with her as I was getting what I actually wanted plus additional brownie points for it looking like it being her choice!). I'm also a fairly relaxed driver but the 2.0 was chosen mainly due to the longer distance touring we like to do with bikes on the tow bar and a boot full of luggage. There is definitely more poke when the need arises with the 2.0, and the mpg is hovering around 55 with the engine yet to be run in. Both are an excellent choice and I don't think either will disappoint, just test drive both over the same route/roads before making your mind up (we had a couple of hours with each car so got a realistic comparison on various road types).
  7. I had the Nextbase 380GWX + rear cam bundle fitted by the dealer (hardwired). No problems with interference etc and a pretty high quality image. I've messed about and downloaded a couple of clips via wifi hotspot to my phone in-car but it's far easier and quicker to remove the micro SD card and load straight to computer. As it was fitted after the PDI but before collection I had various footage from inside the workshop and when it was moved to the collection bay😀
  8. The rear view camera on my car gives a very clear picture with no grain whatsoever. Get it checked out at the dealer.
  9. Just checked, it's the July 2019 edition brochure. To be fair I only looked at the brochure several days after ordering the car back in March and my test drive was not in Excel trim so I just assumed part leather was what I was getting. The car was delivered to the dealer just as the lockdown started so I ended up reading the print off the brochure over the last several weeks, it as only when I clicked on the online brochure/specification recently to check on a couple of standard items that I noticed the brochure included the GR and Trek! The main reason for the TS rather than the hatch was because I needed a tow bar to take a couple of E-bikes plus the extra boot space for road trips is very handy. The only additional extras specified were the tow bar, space saver spare wheel (hate the gunk kits with a passion), and the full protection pack with mudflaps and scuff plates etc. Just need this lockdown to ease further so I can get some family trips in and also test the long range comfort of the car.
  10. The brochure I was given in March must have been the previous issue as it did not include the GR model, happy to get the later spec. I had LSA on my previous car and it was actually difficult to feel when it was on so just switched it off. Having read that it was quite intrusive on the Corolla it was the first thing to be turned off, quickly followed by switching the speedo from analogue to digital.
  11. Picked up the car on Wednesday in accordance with the social distancing regulations, so quite an unusual experience, albeit quite painless. The major issues were accessing the customer toilets, which are out of bounds, and the explanation of car controls from a distance. The car was spot on, everything as expected, and the handover went without a hitch. First impressions of the car: Scarlet flame looks majestic on the Excel TS The seats appear to be full leather (was expecting half leather) The car is already Apple CarPlay ready (was expecting it to be a necessary update and cost as the car was delivered to the dealer late March) Registering multimedia via Toyota Online, in car using a wifi hotspot, was traumatic as the download was painfully slow, and the installation even slower (the supplied instructions/terminology is misleading so I had to go off process to complete registration and map updates). Average consumption currently up to just over 50mpg with not much more on the odometer so happy with the way the economy is going. Getting to grips with the light steering (as expected) Switched off LSA before leaving the dealers, not a fan Radar cruise works well, reducing speed on the steering retards speed well (previous car 'eventually' slowed down when you adjusted the speed down) Smooth ride, no issues with road noise Wife loves it, calls it Lola the Corolla, I added that it was the only name it could have with it being an auto TRANSmission (sorry, my warped sense of humour, ex military!) I'll get around to some pics when the weather picks up.
  12. Just had a call from the dealership, I have an appointment to pick up the car 3rd June.
  13. Hodgson Toyota, (Silverlinks) Newcastle, are starting up 1st June for sales and general service using an appointment system (fully geared up for safety/social distancing for staff and customers).
  14. Thanks for the reply Mike. As you mention I have only seen reports relating mainly to older Auris and Prius models, and as you say many other marques are also seeing an increase in this type of theft.
  15. Hi All, Still waiting for my dealer to reopen so they can complete the PDI etc. I've been reading about the number of cat thefts from hybrids and have a few questions for you experts out there: Is the cat on the Touring Sport 2.0l 2020 close coupled to the manifold in the engine bay? Is this problem more specific to older hybrid models with higher precious metal content? Anyone experienced a cat theft on the latest 2.0l Corolla? Is a catlock, if required/available, a deterrent? Thanks Les