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  1. I'm happy to mix and match routes and am happy with the tolls in France (watch out if you have bikes on the roof if you pull up to a toll booth that also caters for HGVs as the ticket can be dispensed from the higher cab height machine meaning getting out to retrieve the ticket!). I like the frequency of services and air du temps when travelling in France, much better and more frequent than what you find in the UK. I think Germany has good services too but Belgium motorway services I've been into I found the facilities quite dire.
  2. Not sure about France but I needed a sticker for my car for Germany as the list of cities requiring one is a long one and being added to on a regular basis and I wanted to cover all bases. I looked online and there were adverts asking around 30 Euros to supply the relevant sticker. With a little further investigation I discovered that the actual cost was only 6 Euros when you apply directly to the relevant German city council. Whilst I was not going to Berlin I applied via their site as the emissions sticker turns out to be valid in all cities in Germany (correct in 2018, for latest position check online in case it has changed). They just needed a scan of the emissions details from my registration document, my details, and the sticker arrived 2 weeks later. The sticker is car specific and once applied to the windscreen can not be removed without destroying it.
  3. Thanks for the 4 exclamation marks 😉. I bow to your superior knowledge and my poor interpretation of the extract which is currently shown on the RAC site. It does appear a little ambiguous as it does not stipulate a year. Irrespective, it's down to the individual to check the actual requirements from a reputable source prior to travel to ensure they are fully legal for any country they are visiting as rules do change from time to time.
  4. Yes, you are quite right although the GB sticker doesn't becomes invalid until after September 2022, so get a UK sticker in readiness for when the grace period ends.
  5. I've done many European trips over the years but none since the Brexit changes came into effect e.g. a proper GB sticker a requirement again, check your insurance for cover/green card. In France a few important things to remember (check RAC/AA for full and detailed requirements): A high viz vest for EACH passenger is mandatory (don't bury the vests in the boot, they have to be worn as soon as you step out of the car if you break down). Warning triangle and spare bulbs are mandatory. You should carry a breathalyser 2 pack in your glove box (available from Halfords etc). No longer a legal requirement but keeps the Gendarmerie happy if you are stopped. Sat Navs are completely legal but if it has a speed camera alert system you are supposed to switch that element off:
  6. There is a thread from a few months ago regarding dealer fit costs:
  7. I doesn't cancel the ACC as when I do pull out it carries on as normal and accelerates up to the speed setting.
  8. I fully understand what the ACC is doing when the radar locks onto the car in front and the rather sedate acceleration back up to speed when you do change lanes but I'm talking about when you do not pull out and just put your indicator on (with no steering input to change lane) the car appears to speed up.
  9. I use the active cruise control a lot and thought I had mastered all it's nuances but now not sure I have. When following a car slowing down to turn left when the radar is locked on it's easy to either sit back a bit to stop the car braking too much or touching the accelerator to avoid the braking effect. On the motorway I'm happy to let the ACC do it's thing and keep me a reasonable distance behind the car in front. When catching slower vehicles I've noticed that if the car slows due to being locked on to the car in front that if I indicate without touching the accelerator the car speeds up without my input. Am I dreaming this (I tried it several times and it accelerated each time)? I haven't spotted anything about it in the manual and nothing came up when searching this forum. Are there any more undocumented ACC 'tricks'?
  10. No need for fancy warning lights when running low - my wife's car has a windscreen wash auto refill system that ensures it stays topped up at all times, it's called a husband that does weekly POL checks!
  11. For serving and ex forces here are a few examples from Forces Cars Direct:
  12. If anyone has a Defence Discount Card or Blue Light Card it's worth looking at their site for comparison purposes. They offer special deals to current and ex forces/emergency service workers via various suppliers (example below).
  13. There is a stretch (100 metres) of road near where I live that looks normal but feels like you are driving over rumble strips but with all 4 tyres. It's some sort of special road surface/covering that is designed to warn the driver of accident black spots or close to poor junctions and the noise and vibration it sets off makes most people lift off the accelerator. Or (tongue in cheek) maybe it's to warn blind drivers of the hazard ahead🙃
  14. In your screenshots you have your view set to 'ICONS' as opposed to 'LIST' which is fine as each file name ends in .ISO and the checksum file is present. Your problem, as mentioned by The Brace is that you have an extra and unnecessary folder on your usb drive (2021vMapUpdate). When you click on the drive letter for your USB it should only show a folder called FMU, nothing else, and when you click on that FMU folder you should see only the ISO files and checksum file. Any other combination or additional folders will result in failure.
  15. The screenshot is from the previous update but the same applies. As mentioned previously you need to unzip the attachments, create a folder FMU, then copy the unzipped files and checksum file into the folder. You will know if it's correct as the other files will end with .ISO Ensure the usb stick is blank other than the FMU folder. Start the car and insert the USB stick. It usually takes 2 or 3 minutes for the drive/folder to be validated so don't panic. Enter the code when requested and sit back for 75ish minutes needed for installation.
  16. Got an email reminder that it was running out in 30 days. I renewed mine online this morning and the email confirmation shows the registration, start date, price paid, and further down there is mention of the welcome pack that should arrive within 14 days.
  17. Not sure what's up with the site. I've literally just selected the person icon again and selected eStore, was given the first page of apps (which did not include the 2022v1 app) and scrolled to the bottom and selected 'Show All'. The 2022v1 Map Update @ £199 is further down the list, not greyed out. Selected it and was asked to sign in, did that and it was added to the basket but now shown as free via map care, then asked to accept terms and conditions on the next screen.
  18. I had similar issues initially, try this (just done it moments ago and it worked no problem). Log out and log back in directly to the eStore, select the map update at £199 and the next page should show it as a no cost item.
  19. I did not re-enter my home phone number, only my mobile, which seemed to do the trick.
  20. Just completed my free update 2022v1. Check your phone number details on the order. I updated my telephone numbers and got the same error message. I then deleted both home and mobile numbers and reset just my mobile number, hit save, no error message.
  21. I have an iPhone 11 and occasionally have a connection issue. I tend to only connect my phone when I want to use Waze and have a USB slotted in most of the time for music. Just unplugging then reattaching the phone seems to sort it out for me. Plenty of examples of fixes on Google for every conceivable variation of phone, not just the iPhone 11.
  22. I stopped using EMO drag type car washes several years ago after one caused a problem with a low profile tyre. The drag mechanism disturbed the tyre/rim bead on the front right and caused a slow puncture. Hand wash only ever since.
  23. I worked on the post office counter for several years and taxed thousands of cars. As Mike says the registered keeper is you. If a garage were to take a part ex for example and registered it to the garage before selling it on that would increase the number of previous owners on the registration document by 1. Dealers who pre-register new cars to meet manufacturer quotas for bonus and then sell them with delivery mileage make them a 1 owner vehicle before you buy it, making you the second owner.
  24. Does your centre console not have the indents for cables (excuse the dust on the piano finish🙃)?
  25. Just get a sample of oil analysed to prove/disprove any issues rather than just talking to the dealer/service dept. Millers are UK only but no doubt other countries have companies that offer a similar service. You tell them how many miles the oil has done and they give you a complete breakdown of the sample, levels of each/any contaminants, and whether the oil is still within tolerance. I had to use their services for a new Disco Sport with rampant oil dilution problems (a known problem on transverse Ingenium engines) to ensure I wasn't fobbed off at the dealers.
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