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  1. Hi, I recently changed all the brakes on my ep70 starlet. New pads,shoes,discs,one new caliper, one rebuilt caliper and cylinders. I bled the system a couple of times, no air bubbles can be seen. The pedal is still kind of soft. Would it be the rear brake shoes not adjusted enough or possible the rebuilt caliper isn't done right? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi folks, I'm looking to fit a 2e distributor to my 1e engine. The 2e distributor has 3 wires one black, black/orange and blue. If I take the black/red wire from the coil ballast and connect that to the black/orange on the distributor then connect the blue wire on the 2e distributor to the connector that the 1e distributor condenser was connected too, everything should work or that wrong. Long for the long thread Many thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm having an issue with my Starlet horn not working. It's wired up to a switch, when you press the switch the relay clicks but the horn doesn't work but If I earth the horn on the body, it will stay on constantly. Any idea? This is how it's wired
  4. Hi guys, having an issue with the horn on my Starlet P7. The horn is working when hooked to the battery so I tested the connector for the horn.If I connect the green/white wire and earth it off the body it works but stays on. So leads me to a wiring problem, Green/white wire which goes to the fuse box has power but the green/red wire which goes into the car also has power going to it. I thought the green/red would be a negative?. I have an aftermarket wheel and boss kit so I fitted the original wheel and it was still the same. Thinking it's a short in that wire ? Any help would be greatl
  5. Definitely seems like fumes. There is new gaskets and the bolts are torqued to spec. Its shouldn't be leaking
  6. I think it's normal to heat that quick ? Theres also smoke/fumes off the exhaust manifold. After about 30 or 40 seconds you cant even touch the manifold it's that hot
  7. Hello, have an issue with a 1 litre engine with the exhaust manifold getting very hot as soon as you start the car. I timed it properly,tried changing carburetors,fuel pumps,manifold with no change in the issue. Took maybe it was over fuelling issue ? Maybe a valve stuck open ? Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers!
  8. That's what I thought, just wanted to be sure! Thank you good sir!
  9. Hello. Can someone help me on which way the cylinder head gasket is fitted? I assume this is the right direction ?
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