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  1. Thanks Philip, interesting article👍
  2. When I was an apprentice motor mechanic in the 1960s, there was a problem with excessive oil consumption with Morris (BMC) 1800 engines. The company spent time and money modifying the pistons and piston rings etc. with little or no improvement. . Then someone at the factory changed the dip stick min & max markings, which if my memory serves me right, (at my age no guarantee of that) reduced the overall capacity by 2 pints, instantly curing the problem. Apparently the connecting rods were dipping into the oil, frothing it up and forcing it by the piston rings.
  3. Thanks Saxacat, normally use Waze but like the car to be upto date
  4. Mine very similar
  5. Yorkboy


    I don't know if it's common among other Toyota dealers but my local dealer repairs customers punctures for Free. Unless of course its unrepairable
  6. There is a surprising number of so called motoring journalists that still think the Toyota hybrid CVTs is all pulleys and belts.
  7. On the 2019 RAV4. Tap on the numbers of the time on the central display and the menu pops up. I didn't know this, the wife just told me. Very impressed 🤔
  8. My 2019 Excel has not very bright puddle lights that come on when I unlock the vehicle. I changed the bulbs to LEDs and now illuminate a reasonable area round each door
  9. On the 2019 RAV4 when you turn off the ignition the total mileage shows for a few seconde, before fading away. Also the total mileage is shown in the My Toyota App
  10. Spring (2021. 1) map update is now available for download this morning
  11. Before I retired, my company used to provide hire cars for my occasional trips. I noticed that every time I had a Ford Mondao, I had an headache. Then somebody pointed out the fine wire screen heater element..After that I always asked for a non Ford vehicle and never had an headache. As anybody else had the same problem?
  12. This as happened to me twice, the first time I ended up removing the undertray and using a length of wire to pull the bonnet release, scratching and bruising my arm in process. The next time, I used the physical key but held it in the unlock position for ten seconds. Suddenly it unlocked and I was in. Not sure if thats the method or there was just enough power in the battery. It hasn't gone flat since so I can't confirm it always works. Maybe if anybodys in the same situation they could try it and report back.
  13. If you slide the physical key out of the fob, then leave the fob in the car. You can then lock the vehicle with the physical key with no problems.
  14. Yorkboy

    2020 V2 maps

    After I had the Android Auto update (installed at no extra cost might I add with the service) I was able to download the map update direct to the vehicle via my house router. It worked, as when I tried to download it to a USB stick it said l had already got it.
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