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  1. Spring (2021. 1) map update is now available for download this morning
  2. Before I retired, my company used to provide hire cars for my occasional trips. I noticed that every time I had a Ford Mondao, I had an headache. Then somebody pointed out the fine wire screen heater element..After that I always asked for a non Ford vehicle and never had an headache. As anybody else had the same problem?
  3. This as happened to me twice, the first time I ended up removing the undertray and using a length of wire to pull the bonnet release, scratching and bruising my arm in process. The next time, I used the physical key but held it in the unlock position for ten seconds. Suddenly it unlocked and I was in. Not sure if thats the method or there was just enough power in the battery. It hasn't gone flat since so I can't confirm it always works. Maybe if anybodys in the same situation they could try it and report back.
  4. If you slide the physical key out of the fob, then leave the fob in the car. You can then lock the vehicle with the physical key with no problems.
  5. Yorkboy

    2020 V2 maps

    After I had the Android Auto update (installed at no extra cost might I add with the service) I was able to download the map update direct to the vehicle via my house router. It worked, as when I tried to download it to a USB stick it said l had already got it.
  6. I think it's the gauge that's pessimistic. Due to an emergency I once drove another 50 miles after the display said range left 0 miles. When I filled up, it still didn't take 55 litres. I would rather have it that way, than optimistic and run out of fuel
  7. My 2019 RAV4 booked in next Tuesday for service and Android Auto Install, £50 quoted. The dealer I purchased the vehicle, quoted £150 if included with service. You think they would be a standatd charge. I felt I was been ripped off with £150, won't be going back there.
  8. Thanks Terry10. They say you live and learn! I have had 5 keyless Toyota's over recent year but didn't realise you could put the fob to sleep. Just tried it on my 2019 Rav4 and my wife's 5 year old Yaris. Worked on both. Also WhatsApped my son to try it on his Prius. Thanks
  9. My Rav4 is due its service at the end of October. I have rung two dealers re: Service and Android Auto retrofit, both saying the update is now not available until the end of the year. Has anybody had it done yet?
  10. The attached photos are a reasonable rendering of the actual colours. Slightly darker than the my previous Priuss two tone leather
  11. Would you please clarify if your comment should be taken as a threat or not, and if it is, why?
  12. I am fully aware of what systems different countries use. I am just passing on information which implies there is some movement in the release of software that has been held back due to Covid-19.
  13. Now available in Australia https://www.autoevolution.com/news/toyota-dealers-begin-enabling-android-auto-on-select-models-148780.html
  14. When PCS is selected, hold the ok button down for three seconds and then the sensitivity settings will appear
  15. I have noticed that by default my Sat Nav defaults to mute.(when a trip as been set) But if I touch the next turn arrow at bottom left of full screen map it unmutes. It's very useful if you know the first part of the journey and don't won't it telling you direction from the start. Also if you miss an instruction tapping the arrow, will repeat it. Just wish it would stop defaulting to North
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