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  1. We did just that, but no joy. Picked up the new (and upgraded) DVD this week, the SatNav functioned for all of ten minutes before resorting to its usual antics. As suspected, the the SatNav unit itself is at fault and not the DVD. Pinewood have put an order in for a new unit under warranty. Apparently the 'whole' unit and not just the DVD SatNav player will be replaced. They've said five days for delivery, but we know better (don't we?) TR
  2. Update, The SatNav's totally packed in. It takes forever to boot and when it does it simply shows one of two messages: 1) 'Unable to read DVD correctly, check if the DVD is damaged of dirty' 2) 'DVD check in progress'. There's limited functionality with some of the buttons working, the CD player & radio works fine, but no SatNav functions. Our local Pinewood dealer really messed us around. Initially we were told five days for the new replacement DVD. Each time we called or visited the delivery date was pushed back another week. Almost four weeks passed, I then made a chance call on the 23rd of Dec to be told the DVD was in but they were due to close shop for Christmas within the hour. Suffice to say I couldn't get to them (they had our contact details, you'd think they'd bother to call us in time). We run a small business and the SatNav contains a lot of esoteric preprogrammed routes which meant we were royally stuffed trying to meet our delivery schedules running up to Christmas. I'm beginning to have doubts about the DVD disc being at fault, because when the front panel is opened the whole SATNAV DVD & CD unit is very hot to the touch, you can really feel the heat emitted by the unit and that gives me thought for concern. TR
  3. The factory fitted SatNav in our Verso has started playing up. After 27k it's performed well but of late the SatNav screen has started to freeze. The most frequent issue is it's having difficulty reading the the DVD, sometimes the screen will read 'Unable to read DVD correctly, check if the DVD is damaged of dirty'. It's happening several times each trip we make. The only way to correct it is to eject the SatNav DVD and reinsert it. The dealer reckons it's a dodgy DVD, I hope so. TR
  4. Yeah, same problem. Seems to happen periodically. Strolled up to the Verso, pressed the remote button and *nada*, pressed and pressed for about 20 seconds with no response. I walked 'round the car, pressed from a different position and bingo, doors unlocked. The remote (when brand new) is cable of working from up to 100 metres away (I know, I've done it a few times :P), but to stand just a few feet away and get no response, is unnerving as it is puzzling. It's happened to us at least twice.
  5. Perhaps the audio buzzer is faulty, ours is pretty loud & intrusive. For radio audio just leave the key in the socket and press the button once (without your foot on the clutch)
  6. Wouldn't mind seeing a picture of your set up :) if possible. We took the fm route and were deeply disappointed with the audio quality.
  7. TonyRay

    Timing Belt

    Cheers folks, that's one less thing to worry about. Footnote: The Honda's being towed this week, my local mechanic is certain there'll be damage to the rods - it's an Interference engine(?). He reckons a bill of..., second thoughts it's too painful to mention :!Removed!: . Given the options, it's still a good runner and might be worth salvaging.
  8. TonyRay

    Timing Belt

    The timing belt on our ageing Honda failed the other day, fortunately it failed as I tried to start the engine (& not while I was enroute to work). But it got me thinking about our Verso, after 18 months it's just clocked 24,000 miles and I can't find any reference in the manual about when it's best to change or inspect it. 60,000 miles is average for most cars, but it varies from model to model and can be as low as 30,000 miles. Has anyone come across info regarding this? TR
  9. TonyRay

    T180 Owner

    Ahem, without depressing the clutch, leave the ignition key in the socket and press the start/stop button once for satnav & radio, or twice for full electrics. ;)
  10. TonyRay

    Burning Smell

    Noticed a poignant burning odour after reversing up a relatively steep hill (it was over a short distance, like two or three meters). The burnt smell also occurs when pulling away up a steep hill if you let the clutch slip (instead of engaging hand brake).
  11. TonyRay


    Never heard of that feature. Then I guess it must be pretty common for cars in SA(?)
  12. This happens only when I park the verso on a steep'sh slope or park in a gutter which forces the car to rest at a pronounced left or right incline. When I start the engine the 'low fuel' light comes on even though there's half a tank of petrol, and it stays on for quite some time. The trip computer also shows the range available, for the amount of fuel remaining, as '0 miles' despite the half tank. The matter corrects itself as soon as more fuel is added, it's odd. Anyone else come across this?
  13. Yeah, our dealer installed the tints ;) rear windows only though.
  14. We live in a relatively quiet spot of London, although our last car suffered a break-in. When we first parked the car outside the flat, we couldn't help but notice the number of passers who would stop and drool over the interior. One time in central London, I parked the car with the engine running and dashed in to a newsagent (my girlfriend was in the back seat) when I got back a pose of American tourists had thier noses pressed against the front window peering at the SatNav, they obviously hadn't spotted my girlfriend in the back behind the tinted glass she was a little shaken.