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  1. Ribopaido


    Hey guys, I have a iq 1.0 2009 model and I noticed today that reservoir was at 4/5 when engine was cold and after going to work (10-12min drive) coolant was at this level. Usually i check it when I check the oils and everything is topped. It is normal for a car to need topping? I have done 11k kilometres in 11 months. Coolant after driving was at this level.
  2. Probably it's due to car's being so compact but couldnt the box be at seat level? I wanted to check where the fusebox is and seeing those pictures it scares me if car faces any damage i have to unclip the plastics
  3. Ribopaido

    Servicing 1.0 IQ

    Edit ,changed the shock absorbers, lubricated the shifter and everything is back to normal now. The only problem at this point is when the car is stopped I can hear this sound when pressing the brake up to 1 second after releasing it https://vocaroo.com/1dVp65jaUca7
  4. Ribopaido

    Servicing 1.0 IQ

    Guys about to change the shock absorbers at my iq 2009. My mechanic asked 350 for new OEM absorbers ( all 4) + top mounts and labor necessary. Is it considered a high or low price? And 2nd , is replacing the clutch on this car very time consuming or an easy process? As kit im thinking about aisin.
  5. Update: Changed to transmission fluid on a toyota dealer to 75W and now it is way better and smoother. As it works it will be better of course but yeah DO NOT use anything else
  6. Hey guys, I noticed at my Iq 2009 1.0cc that 2 plastics behind the rear-view mirror are starting to loosen from the front glass. They are used to cover two cables, but this one is holding the mirror as well with the circle suction arm. How should I reglue them at the glass?
  7. Yo stemon, I am using GL4 75w90 which is better overall except when cold , 1st gear is harder to disengage unless you reach 3-3.5k rpm. Other than thand everything is going fantastic. Reverse was hard before and now its smooth as butter. I need to change the clutch kit as well because of vibration at 2k RPM (typical issue) so I dont know if it was wrong changing the fluid. But nevertheless it can be changed again no worries. Maybe I will go with toyota recommended oil at a local toyota dealer , now i changed it myself it was pretty easy
  8. So 75w90 is wrong? I saw that on some webpages but i wasnt sure. Wouldn't the 2 oils be the same at cold where 75 counts?
  9. Reviving this thread to ask: Is 75w90 ideal for 2009 model , 1.0 engine?
  10. Ribopaido

    SIde mirrors

    Hey guys, I noticed that the left side mirror of my iq (2009), which here in Greece is the driver side, closes a bit more that the right side one. Not doing any bad sounds or whatever though. Is it normal or somethings not going right?
  11. Ηere in Greece they are asking for 550E to sell the parts for the modification . Im thinking ill get them from eBay
  12. Μy problem is at high inclined hills only though, bit weird isn't it? I thought egr issue was only at CVT gearboxes ones
  13. Greece but the car was imported used from germany.
  14. Yes no active recalls, ill go get it cleaned tomorrow along with map sensor though to see if it gets better
  15. Hey all, I have a toyota iq 2019 1000cc manual transmission 4 months now . After having an issue with an ignition coil at 60k miles (or 100k km) which is fixed and car is working great except at inclines where it has limited power. Even though I press the throttle almost completely and car raves to 2k-2.5k RPM, then it starts dropping to 1k rpm and it starts normally but slowly. I know it needs new tires and clutch probably cos of the typical vibrations at 2k rpm (slight slipping at 4th-5th gear though) but could it be a bad egr or catalytic converter issue? No active recalls found and c
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