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  1. Μy problem is at high inclined hills only though, bit weird isn't it? I thought egr issue was only at CVT gearboxes ones
  2. Greece but the car was imported used from germany.
  3. Yes no active recalls, ill go get it cleaned tomorrow along with map sensor though to see if it gets better
  4. Hey all, I have a toyota iq 2019 1000cc manual transmission 4 months now . After having an issue with an ignition coil at 60k miles (or 100k km) which is fixed and car is working great except at inclines where it has limited power. Even though I press the throttle almost completely and car raves to 2k-2.5k RPM, then it starts dropping to 1k rpm and it starts normally but slowly. I know it needs new tires and clutch probably cos of the typical vibrations at 2k rpm (slight slipping at 4th-5th gear though) but could it be a bad egr or catalytic converter issue? No active recalls found and car is checked with OBD tester but no error or engine light on. I can check egr and postcat o2 sensor values with my own semi-pro obd tool but should I do anything- is it counted as a problem?
  5. Edit: Problem for the AC was the LTFT due to bad gasoline , cutoffs and clima work super now. Please be careful of the gas station u fill up to.
  6. Hello everyone At idle when I turn clima on , rpm go up to 1300 then drop steadily while ac works and cold air is coming out. After 2-3 seconds Rpm drop down to 400 , ac is turned off then boosts back to 1000 and ac producing cold air , and same thing goes on. I know I have an issue with really bad gasoline that caused cut-offs and slow acceleration but after getting 6lt of 100 octane fuel while tank was 60% full , it got so much betterbetter so I'm waiting to burn it up to reserve and then fill it with premium . My mechanic suspected the spark plug wires but the DIS is directly connected to the spark plug ( the car went through a complete check and service) so it may also be faulty. I think there a possibility it is low on refrigerant and when the pressure goes up rpm drop and the unit shuts down or the fuel can cause issues like that but anyone has any previous experience? Thanx in advance
  7. Same here , though if u speed up progressively , it ain't that much of a problem. I think it is due to small engine and AC units
  8. Ribopaido

    Fuel filter

    Hey guys , new member here Just bought a 2009 IQ with 60k miles and I was thinking of replacing the fuel filter due to some bad quality gasoline that caused small hiccups at 1000-1500 RPM . Spark plug wires were replaced as a precaution too. Thing is I don't know where the fuel filter is , any suggestions? Hope it is at the engine bay and not inside the fuel tank.