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  1. Thanks Eddie. At the moment the insurance is way bigger problem than purchase of the car itself. Since my car was written off and I had to claim I am being quoted ridiculous amounts for even an aygo. Research continues. In the mean time I'm cycling and using pub transport.
  2. Hey Gotagetz, do you still have the number for the seller of that blue aygo? Is it still for sale?
  3. Cycling was a scary experience for me where I am, so many close calls! I do have love and sentiment for it though as I did travel from south of Europe to Finland good 15 years ago :). Someone recently recommended me a brompton saying it would fit in the aygo and in the flat or under the desk at work, bu then... Price = whoa. I'm bidding on a raleigh folding bike that is a 12th of the Brompton's price. Still on the hunt for aygo, with less worries about space since becoming single yesterday. Almost got talked into buying an mx-5, but I have to be rational :).
  4. Ok then. I'll do that. 🙂 Didn't mean to sound ungrateful ;). Will give the owner a ring if still available.
  5. It's 2007, no mileage or SH listed... Naah... Thanks. I'll keep looking.
  6. Seems like my time of owning a spacious, quick car is over. Still looking for an ayg. Hope you are all safe, sane and employed!
  7. I'm in my mid 30s. Driving since 2013. Up until my modded volvo got crashed into by an uninsured driver I paid £650 a year monthly, or approx 570 if paid in one go and had 4 years ncb. Now that I had to claim [ unresolved yet / unpaid ] they quoted me fortune for aygo. I thought if I pay 650 for a group 34 [ before mods ] powerful car, then surely a group 3 supermini would be cheaper, hence the whole idea of getting an aygo as a runaround whilst looking for/working on a main car. I used several comparison sites. Of course I added the accident. Maybe my address also got a different stat now. No idea. Can't imagine what I'd have to pay for a 3.0 charged petrol in this situation. That aygo may be my only car as it turns out. I'm 6ft3, probably 18st and have a field job [ had? ] :D. I'm shocked. I was limiting my budget as it was supposed to be my second car that I would run until it was time to scrap it, but already been thinking of stretching it. Now... Pay 2.5-3k for such a teeeny car, and pay another £1k-£1.5k insurance on it? I may need to go to decathlon, pick a helmet and some lycra...
  8. Thanks agent! I found a really nice 2008 one, from first owner, equipped exactly as I want, low mileage, fsh, silver - £1900... a bit... steep now that I know how much my insurance is going to be #crying Also emailed offer for 2009 black, again, nice equipment, from trader - he countered with £1900... It may be my education, but I would've thought that prices would go down during crisis, so that people get rid of the stock that collects dust, time and rust at the lots... I'm not sure anymore if I want to buy a car for £1000-1500 and pay almost the same [ or more ] for insurance... On the other hand... any other car would have the ins prices go up... I'm struggling to brain today...
  9. Been to see the silver one. Looks ok, ac doesn't work, emergency lights intermittent, some gears quite loud when changing stoppped, tiny bit of rust above top door seal driver side. Engine is clean though... Called my insurer... Only to be shocked. Paid £650 for my quick volvo. They ask £820 for aygo... Went on gocompare, cheapest is £850 pa... Unbelievable. Beacause someone else smashed into my car? Ehh... Seems like aygo may be my only car for a while. In the mean time the black 2006 one got price taken UP ! Called seller, he said expecting more people looking for cars soon, so puts his prices up... google search: commutiong on rollerblades
  10. Gotagetz, good find at £1k! I'll see what I get after looking at a couple more. I started sending out offers.
  11. gotagetz, that one actually looks ok! but 150 miles one way... whew... Auris James - I did look at yaris, but the insurance group spike is kinda significant. Wouldn't worry me if it was to be my only car but it won't be for long. I am set to see the 2007 silver @ £1250 tomorrow. Also got an offer to buy a 2009 with half leathers, alloys, ac, BLACK [ 😄 ] and 89k miles for £1900... Whichever I choose may be a lemon, so wouldn't it be better to pay less? I'm !Removed! lost. Puglet, you are right. I should not look even at a CAT car. I'll report back after looking at some more. Thanks to that at least I know what the engine should sound like. Smooth and quiet :D. Reving when ac on 😄
  12. https://www.gumtree.com/p/toyota/toyota-aygo-6-months-warranty-/1368143978
  13. Thank you guys. I don't know enough about cars to know what a good example would be. There are reeeealy clean ones that people just want to sell a bit too much, and have some dubious details about them. Then there are the ones where you can see the use [ paint not ideal, scuffed interior - seat tear on the outside edge ]. I am sticking with aygo because of the cheap running costs [ bar repair/ maintenance which still would probably be 50% of my volv ], but have no idea how to make sure that the 100k miles is in a better state than the 80k one somebody really tries to push on me and lowers price every day. If you guys are saying that £1500 is a lot for a 100k miles 2006/07 model, maybe I should wait [ until when, 2021? ] or consider a cat N... I could buy a white 2012 cat N with 80k miles for £1700... I just have no idea... Computers are so much simpler... 😕 I know I sound like a challenged one, but... NO CLUE! 😄 All your help is appreciated. Leaning towards £1200, 2007, 70k miles silver aygo with ac, steelies and [ seems ] impeccable body... Will go and see it.