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  1. Hi Hugo, I’ve got the same car and it’s done about 800 miles, I do about 60 miles a day 3/4 motorway 1/4 B roads and my battery is doing what your battery is doing so I think it’s normal mate. I only drive in normal mode and my battery never goes below 3 bars and never above 5.
  2. Morning all does the GR Sport come with folding mirrors when you lock the car?
  3. Thank you for clearing this up.
  4. Still confused! so when i get in the car to drive it i need to press 3 time to put Ignition on? or do you just press once?
  5. Andy P

    Car washes

    1 hour to clean inside & out! i just about do the wheels in that time. You ever have a passion for detailing like me or you dont.
  6. I’m all a bit confused about modes. How do you guy start the car and park up at night. Just want to see if I’m in the right mode not to drain the battery. Thanks for the tips, the screen I use is the one with the 3 dials
  7. Andy P

    Car washes

    What shampoo are you using, for car chem 1-1900 is a fantastic shampoo and cheap.
  8. Andy P

    Car washes

    Do you wash using the 2 bucket method? You need to invest in a snow foam lance and snow foam for pre wash. The less contact wash you can do the better.
  9. Thank Timmon, I’m not right foot heavy. But I’m getting use to getting it more in Ev mode
  10. Hi Guys ive driven to work now 30 miles to and from work home and my MPG average is on 44 MPG. ive not pushed the car just driven normal. As the car gets used more and more will the MPG Improve? as this is poor at present. like i said ive only done about 120 miles so far.
  11. I just want to update the software and be able to check for updates, download apps etc. What’s the easiest why to do this?
  12. Can you send me the model please mate
  13. Have any of you guys had trouble connecting via WiFi? The car don’t pick up my hub and it right next to it. Any idea?
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