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  1. Engine mount problems are noticeable when idle, the car stop and put it on gear not neutral. you also can feel it when changing gears from reverse to front, and viceversa. You do not feel it much during normal cruise speed. When it is really bad, you may hear dribble noise everytime hitting bumps.
  2. Did you solve your problem yet? I am afraid you will keep dumping money on something not related to your complaint. New struts and stabilizer links indeed helps the firmness after 7 years but it does not mean the old one broken, may be just some wear but still 70-90% like new. I just changed the rear stabilizer links. The rubber parts are really worn out but the joint is still really good. I also change the stabilizer bushing but it is still looks like new. The stabilizer links were destroyed during removal because the nuts got stuck. Stabilizer links form Toyota is really really good, bu
  3. The easiest things is remove the FUSE for the Auxiliary body (remotes and interior lights will not work) if you ever want to leave the car for 2-3 months.
  4. Everything looks normal and needs nothing. Corroded disc is normal as long as it is still thick enough. It will be cleaned up once you drive in highway. The only things you need to check is the sliding pins and brake pads. They should slide smoothly and have enough pads. That's it. It is Toyota, not a luxury Ferrari that are parked on the showroom but cannot be driven more than 30k miles before it falls apart.
  5. Get Techstream that connect to computer, it is about £15 shipped on eBay
  6. AisinW


    103Nm in most Toyota cars and SUV. Only some Truck base SUV and pickup needs higher torque. toyota wheels needs much less torque than typical other cars 130Nm. Many times in the tire shop, they overtighten them
  7. Toyota and Lexus owner MANTRA. Don't fix it if it is not broken or we just wasted our money. Especially if we change parts with non original, we could get worse parts. But for battery, typical in hybrid, 12V battery last 5-10 years, depends on where do you live, how you drive, and where you park the cars. Hot weather kills the battery faster, same thing with the HV battery. In UK and Ireland, it last more than 12 years easily but in hot Spain or Greece, 10-11 years is the average.
  8. After testing my friend 2018 Auris hybrid touring sport, I realized my 2006 feels not as Stabil as his when cornering and driving in winding road in Alps. So this spring I changed the REAR stabilizer bushing with Polyurethane from Siberian Bushing. The replacement takes less than 10 minutes after the car is jacked securely on the jackstands. The old stabilizer bushing from TRP (original Toyota) does not look bad and I feel no difference after the replacement. Next, change the stabilizer links. On the passenger side, it was really hard to remove. The hex keys starts to get seared o
  9. There is actually a replacement interval for Hybrid CVT. Normally it is about 100k miles in USA toyota dealership. In EU, you can still ask dealership to change it for you or DIY for about 4L. It is safe to change it earlier whenever we do towing, probably 60k miles instead of 100k miles. Especially for Yaris that has no water cooling, only oil cooled system. I changed ATF fluid every 90k miles on my 06 Prius. It has 220k miles when I sold it. Everything works fine except the battery died in 2017, very hot weather in Florida kill it. In UK, we have much longer life because of mild weather.
  10. Probably it is stabilizer bar bushing or links. If it is only when left and right wheel not in flat surface like in rough road. Shocks usually wont have knowcking noise, but squeaky noise from the bumb stops
  11. I also have small condensation on my 2016 Auris touring hybrid. I retight very slightly the 3 philips head screws. I will let you guys know if there is any improvements. If it does not work, I will seal it with silicon sealant. So far nothing wrong with the trunk weather sealing. Never have problems with water in the trunk or inner cabin.
  12. I used to have 10+years old cars. Most of the time condensation on the headlight can be fixed by sealing the whole perimeter between front and rear parts of the headlight or tail light with high quality silicon sealant. Make sure buy a good silicon from Dupont, GE, or Loctite. Cheap silicon does not stick well. It takes time to dry and smell vinegar but once it is dry it is really tough. So using painter tape is a good idea to make sure no uggly residue.
  13. Clunk noise in suspension, usually from 10 euro stabilizer bushing or stabilizer links, not shocks. Creaking noise and wobble usually from control arms or bad tire balance. Sometimes brake disc if it is too thin. Shocks wear is obvious, you see oil leaks reaching the bottom of struts/shocks. A little wet near the top is normal. Clean the underbody once a year to prevent rust.
  14. Things that never fail in Toyota car since year 1995. Ball joint. Rarely fail: tie rods, steering rack, bearing (Koyo Seiko), compressor, condenser, radiator, alternator Common wear: stabilizer bushings, front control arms bushing, stabilizer links, shocks adsorber, struts (depends road conditio), brake sliding pins need regreasing, Transmission fluid 60k miles automatic, differential fluid, iridium sparkplugs 120k miles, waterpump, starter, EGR valve and cooler cleaning, intake manifold and pcv valve cleaning. In Toyota, don't fix if it's not broken. Wear is normal, keep using
  15. From your steering video, it is not engine mount, struts, or stabilizer bar components. It is steering components, very strange. Go to alignment shop and they will put it on the lift. By moving the wheel at 3 an 9 a clock very fast, they can pin point the problems, the steering rack, inner and outer tie road ends, or simple things like loose or missing bolts somewhere.
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