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  1. The main fuse will blow up no matter where you stick it if it is on opposite polarity. EVen in classic 1990s car, you can burn down the car. That's why we must make sure using Smart Charger or Smart jump starter that will not deliver current when you charge on opposite polarity.
  2. Because it does not makes sense. 5A is nothing. When you jump start the car, You apply at least 60 Amps in Auris/Prius. DCtoDC converter can deliver up to 120+A
  3. It is 100% Ok. If you can jump start from there with 60Amps to start the car, why 5 A harm it. Fuse box is just bunch of wires, no electronic. Only Relays which are purely mechanical device too. There is nothing to worry on the fuse box. That Fuse box is entirely 12V +, nothing is high voltage. The DC to DC converter connected to 12V battery through fusebox and that's just like the alternator connection to 12V battery. It is rated as high as 100Amps but stil 12V. Nothing is special. That + Post in fuse box is the only Approved place to connect the charger or jump starter to make sure good solid connection. Better than directly to the battery with non flat surface.
  4. Yes, I agree. It is body ECU system related. It is supposed to be free. Call Toyota national costumer service and ask for help to argue with the dealership.
  5. Yes, be careful with Relax Warranty that I decided not to have it. It does not cover common components failures (rubber, bush, shocks, pads, 12V, infotainment, exhaust system, 02 sensor, catalytic converter, etc. It is just money maker for Toyota dealership for its marked up annual maintenance. I only keep the 10-15 years hybrid battery warranty by only pay €30 for annual hybrid system check. I have to pay extra €200 marked up oil change price and additional €200 (brake fluid change) every other year if I compared it with DIY.
  6. There is always charging point under the hood in all Japanese cars. Usually directly from 12V battery or inside a fuse box. The entire fusebox is + terminal, anywhere you can clip is +. In Auris, it is right on the red removable cap. The body is always the - terminal. I often use any bolts or flat bare metal on engines area. If you want long lasting excellent charger, get NOCO5. It is efficient, not hot, excellent compponents (metal switch, 3 optocouplers, large capacitors, cooled and sealed well). Otherwise Lidl or Aldi charger is as good as CTEK5 in term of charging quality and components.
  7. If the battery cannot hold a charge for more than few days, just replace it and save your sanity. Dying degrading battery is not good for your ECU and your health. You can charge directly from the fuse box (+) and negative to any bare metal on the body. The charging speed is practically the same as if you do it from the trunk.
  8. I believe ECU and body ECU is covered under Relax Warranty. The infotainment is not under Relax warranty. You need to disconnect the battery from the car with pulse charge or "plasebo" reconditioning pulse charging. Usually it goes at very high voltage, often above 16 V pulse. It will give you false hope by getting high open voltage but once it is under load or after surface charge removal (1 minute headlights on), the voltage will go back to typical battery 12-12.6V Off, 11.5-12V IGN ON. Just for your information, we have no single measurable capacity gain with pulse charging method when the battery is already degrading. Trickle high voltage desulphation will make a dead battery usable for couple more weeks but will harm normal battery because it cause hydrolisis and you lost some water at the same time as the desulphation is being done. Unfortunately, desulphation does not really work on AGM battery. You can still keep the old battery as long as the battery can hold the charge for 1 week or more, and it can start the car without problem.
  9. My bad. He is in his own then. Sometimes if it is widely known problem, Toyota have campaign for free fix. At least when i was in USA
  10. If your car is not 5 years old/100k miles, you still have hybrid system warranty. Otherwise, you also can activate the relax 10y warranty if you maintained the car in dealership. It could be inverter or hybrid system issue which is expensive to fix. Do it as soon as possible before your warranty is over. You can still beg Toyota head quarter to fix it for free. We know that early 2010-2013 have inverter issues in Prius 3rd. They have identical system
  11. Don't be fooled by tires company who push you changing tires too early. Just use it till 2mm or close to legal limit 1.6mm. Michelin is the only company who suggest to use tires till the end. The performance drop is very gradual and driver knows the characteristics of the car. Not out of sudden 1 or 3 m longer stop like in the propaganda. Just use it, be relax. It still stop just fine even in snowy weather that is very rare in UK. The most important thing is we know how our cars handle the stoping in any weather. Honestly, tires are at their best performance at their 50-80% of their usable life or about 6-4 mm tread. Less noise. There is a clear reason why all government still use 1.6mm as the limit. It just works and safe enough.
  12. From Germany most trusted review ADAC. The road noise of Corolla at 130 Km/h is less than Golf https://www.adac.de/_ext/itr/tests/Autotest/AT5988_VW_Golf_1_5_eTSI_Style_DSG/VW_Golf_1_5_eTSI_Style_DSG.pdf vs https://www.adac.de/_ext/itr/tests/Autotest/AT5923_Toyota_Corolla_Touring_Sports_2_0_Hybrid_Club/Toyota_Corolla_Touring_Sports_2_0_Hybrid_Club.pdf If you are honest and has no prejudice, they both are very close in term of road noise at highway speed. I rent StadtMobil in Germany. Corolla 1.8L is a tad quiter than similar class Leon, Golf, or Focus, and defiinitely better than Skoda counterpart. Go take a look under the body, it is really well coated with accousting paint (rubberized) and a lot of body adhesive. Under the carpet, more than 1/2 of the floors is also coated with bitumen. You can improve the quietness by putting econd Coat Luxury Liner or foam there. The noise mostly from the glass/window that no Toyota has accousting glass. We need to go to certain Lexus for that. Corolla is actually quieter than RAV4 but not as quiet as Camry.
  13. the Second Coat Luxury Liner is the only thing that may improve the quietness. The body (floor and under body) are well coated with tons body adhesive and rubberised paint in Corolla. There are some area that can be filled with foam to further reduce the wind noise but most of the wind noise came from the glass window. Don't waste your money and time in Dynamat, it only add weight in this current Corolla case. It may help in 1990s Corolla, but not post 2010 Corolla
  14. Corolla and Auris 2015-newer has similar degrees of sound proofing. The wheel arch are all coated with rubberized paint. The floor is more than a half are coated with body adhesive. Overall, nothing need to be improved on that parts. The roof and trunk are also pretty well insulated. The engine noise is relatively quiet even at 130km/h or 80mph. The main noise came from the windows/wind. Corolla and most Toyota does not have accousting side windows. The only improvement we can do is putting 2nd stage foam heavy vinyl carpeting to further reduce tires noise. Butyl rubber like dynamat is not needed anymore. Corolla today is much quieter than 20 years ago. The dynamat materials only add weight.
  15. It's cheaper to go fully aftermarket with android auto. Pay professional for installation or get complete pioneer system.
  16. For summer tires, Goodyear efficient grip 2 is very quiet and comfy, softer than Dunlop. Continental Contipro5 is noisier than Goodyear, as soft as Goodyear but grip slightly better. UK/Ireland winter is mostly wet and light snow. All seasons tires with 3PMS does better job than any winter tires. They last longer, grip better in wet, and less noisy. Vector4seasons 3, Crossclimate2 are the best for winter even with heavy snow but they are not cheap. They last longer than even summer tires with Treadwear 500 instead of typical summer tires 280-360. Crossclimate 2 is probably the closest summer like tires in handling but still not as quiet as efficient grip2 because summer tires has no transversal pattern. I had a look the metal sheet in Corolla and Auris2. They are both well coated with body adhesive, and noise reducer in both under body and under the carpet. There is not much to improve. The main noise caused by not using accoustic glass, and no heavy vinyl materials under the carpet. Butyl aluminum or tarmac adhesive will not increase anything but the weight of the car. Adding foam and heavy vinyl under the carpeting might reduce and change the road noise tone but not the wind noise from the glass.
  17. After trickled charged, you can press the power button 2x without pressing the brake pedals (IGN ON). You can remove the surface charge by turn the headlight on for 1 minute and turn it off, after that you measure the voltage on the terminal again. It should be above 11.5 V when the headlights off. If you can still start the car in the next morning without problem, your battery is still usable. Don't worry to change it too early if it can still hold the charge after 2 or 3 days. The AGM battery eventually degrade and can have lower and lower capacity but still usable for years. My first replacement was 8 years 200 000 miles. Battery testing is not hard. You can use your car and Voltmeter or OBD2 scanner. With (IGN ON), 2X power button, you can check the voltage on the fly as you turn the headlights or AC blower motors. The voltage should hold above 10.5 V all the time.
  18. Get a new remote battery. I believe CR2025. For 12V battery, if it has been depleted to the point it cannot start the car 60 Amps load, the 12V battery is dying. Just get a new Yuasa S34b20r AGM battery for your safety and peace of mind. It is not cheap, £170+ but it will not spill or hurt anyone inside the car in case of accident. Don't expect resurrecting 12V battery from permanent sulphation damage. Anytime it drops below 11.8 V, the damage is permanent. It is good to have the battery above 12.4V open voltage or about 12.3 when connected to the car all the time. Sulphation starts at about 12.4V but still recoverable as long as it is above 11.8V by trickle charging, pulse charging, etc. For occasional usage, gets Lidl or Aldi 5A, they are as good as CTEK5 in terms internal component quality. Don't buy it from unknow brands in Amazon. The voltage controller are wild and unfiltered RF radiation. NOCO 5 is similar price to CTEK5 but with better internal components, switches, and heat management. Noco stop at 14.6V with AGM battery, slightly lower than CTEK5 14.8V. Aldi and Lidl is 15-15.4 V. They are all within a good safe range. I prefer below 15V because overcharging degrade battery from hydrolysis.
  19. Strictly speaking. KYB is the OEM supplier for most Toyota cars, Camry corolla yaris. The aftermarket KYB may be slightly stiffer than OEM. You also can get Bilstein or Sachs which is known to make excellent shocks and struts. My front struts has surface rust just below the boot, but still rides firm and quiet. The rear has no corrosion issue. If you want Stiffer handling, check your rear stabilizer bar links rubber cushion. They are known to wear out. The ball joint part of the links are tough and strong, no need to replace it. Just get the rubber peace, lift it up both sides and put back in in 30 minutes.
  20. Cold start rattling is usually from Vvti sprockets worn out. It may be only 1-2 second rattle and still runs for another 100 or 300 k miles. Annoying but harmless. If it eventually needs replacement,you will get check engine lights from vvti system.
  21. The current to the body ECU is down from 70mA to 0 after 20 minutes we closed the door, regardless it is locked or not. In general, if the battery is above 12.5V when you leave the car, it should have no issue after 2 weeks to 1 month. More than 1 month, we should unplug the negative terminal so the voltage never drops below irreversible damage 11.8V. I have no amp clamp. I only read it from voltage drop table on fuse box. Assume Adi8v measurement, if the battery is in 70% original capacity, with 0.18A, it only holds about maximum 2 months before it is discharged to 50% without permanent sulphation. My 6 years old battery probably only have 50% original capacity ~17 Ah now, leaving it for 2 months may be too risky.
  22. EV car is probably fine for 10 years ownership before it is totaled from simply superexpensive battery replacement. The main problem in EV is cold/winter with temperature -10C or lower. The range dropped more than 30% because of heating electricity takes battery power. Hybrid has a "free" heat from the engines although still get minor drop on short trip mpg. In 30 minutes or more trips, winter or summer are similar in hybrid. In my opinion, hybrid is much less disposable than EV or poorly built small turbo engines with dual clutch automatic transmission.
  23. When outside is cold and inside is warm, water will condensate from inside. That's why allowing outside air in or AC remove the foggy glass. Colder air is always dryer because of humidity limit in cold air. AC acted as dehumidifier in recirculation mode. If you press defroster on, the fog went away fast. Rear vents are always colder in winter because of longer route and plastic duct still leak heat. Back to topic, The AC is very important in hybrid to keep both humidity and cooling for the lifespan of the HV battery. I still believe heat is the main enemy of HV battery. Not driving it more than 1 month is also not good for both engine and Battery. Typical lifespan of HV in FL without garage in 2nd gen Prius is 10-12 years, 200-300k miles does not really matter.
  24. Only post 2019 Corolla can have Android auto. I am satisfied with the sound quality, not over trashy bass, clear, and balance tone, good value audio. The Bluetooth connection is easy and fast. Vibration from wheel is often severe. I had problem with Walmart tire balancing. They put the weight on the same outerside that is supposed to be outer and inner side with the same weight to counter lateral imbalance. It causes shimmy side to side movement not up and down. Yes, we always need to check how the balance weight was placed on each tires. There is no reason to put weight on the same side in opposite diameter. I wasted money by replacing control arms and other expensive part and labor. So, check the wheel first, and spend $40 to rebalance them when we have any vibration as we drive.
  25. Just for note, the AC will rarely turn on if we use outside cold air/non re-circulation mode. Outside cold air humidity is far less thaan inside cabin and practically will take the moisture away too. I often use recirculation mode because the stinky smell of other car exhaust especially Diesel cars.
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