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  1. Unfortunately only way is to use flat screwdriver flake off bubbles and respray silver unfortunately shows up everything there are same wheels for sale without bubbles if that suits u my fix was cheap
  2. It's a fault with alloy wheels maker and landcruiser alloys are same they suffer from same issue unfortunately
  3. T25 I believe was better built car and engine than what was in t27 body on t27 would be bit heavy think that might have something do with mpg
  4. Keep spraying them gloss black like mine
  5. Never new that thanks for information
  6. I'm looking for set of 18inch dcat wheels hard get now from 2.2 dcat model
  7. Just looking for people thought on which avensis ye choose shape wise the 13 plate or last model 17 shape descisions???
  8. Mate had 11 d4d same problem good news was he found out problem bad news was car needed all injectors done at cost 1500quid morel story is dont buy 09 to 11 get 12 to 15 plate toyota sorted these expensive faults thanks be to god iron them out
  9. So I got power washer right up exhaust gave it wash out since then still water come out but power in car seems way better like its restored
  10. New ford transit same ford got engine passed euro 5 emissions test never bothered to test engine after that so injectors go unfortunately not good
  11. That code p400 which means your air recurrlation is blocked etc egr valve needs a clean up to get rid of fault or else disconnect your battery for 10 mins and fault will clear but it will return its fault on avensis d4d