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  1. Just had a phone call with local sales and they told me the software update ETA for Apple carplay is schedulled for September. one word .... Disappointed!
  2. Hi Brian, I'm based in the Czech republic. Yes, I upgraded the map to 2020v1. It is better now in finding street names. However, when adding the building numbers, it does not bring any results. Sometimes it shows me the same street name in different cities at first search. So the only workaround I found is to search as: City,Street_Name and yes no news from AA or ACP.
  3. Hello, I tried several times today with different USBs, 32GB. USB contains only the map folder, nothing else, I copied the entire 2020v1_MapUpdate folder, but the system did not recognize the USBs. When I plug in the USB, the system shows the USB is plugged in and checking but nothing happens after 3 seconds. All steps are done and checked. USB format is FAT32. FMU folder is inside 2020v1_MapUpdate folder which includes 4 .iso files. - Shall I copy only the FMU folder as a separate folder and not a subfolder of 2020v1_MapUpdate? - Shall I bind all 4 .iso files into one .iso file? or I should leave 4 .iso files? Thank you.
  4. Hello Everyone, It is very annoying that I cannot use the CarPlay and the installed map is an old version, out of date which does not have the full addresses or streets/house numbers of the EU maps. It has navdb_version: 2019 v2 on Multimedia Touch 2. Apple just updated their website and mentioned, 2020 Camry now supports the CarPlay. Source: Did anyone get the update? Thank you in advance for your reply.