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  1. Don't know if this is in the right section but though I'd have a bit of fun since I've cleaned my rolla. Got me wondering what everyone else are like? Interior... mods... decals ect. So show off your car 👍🏻 Here's my 2004 Corolla TSport. 1.8 VVTL-I with the 2ZZGE engine. She's pretty much stock except cosmetics and stereo.
  2. Try and find one that's had as much done as possible and been serviced regular. They run forever if looked after
  3. Congratulations on your first rolla 👌🏻 hope you get it fixed. Will be worth it
  4. Also what sealant for the rocker gasket? Anything specific or anything to avoid. Just wana make sure I'm not getting something wrong. You lot know lol
  5. May end up turning this into a WIP diary for my car at this rate. This was the seat covers when I put them in 😂 also I found this bolt when cleaning the passenger side rear foot well. Is it from the seats or some other random car *******. I couldn't see one the same. cleaned the engine bay up a bit last week too. Needs more work but oil leak de gunk first... What electric is do I need to cover round the back of the block? Obviously the belts ect. I'll wrap as much as I can anyway. Will try and get in tomorrow weather dependant 🤞🏻
  6. Thankyou that helps a lot as I can order anything I need before I get them done. I've got the 3dr. That's my one and only bug about my car. The 5dr would be soooooo much easier with kids lol. We manage anyway 😂 worth it imo. I didn't know there was full leather so 🤷‍♀️ never seen one. I've just done a good clean inside mine today. Vac and wipe down. Windows and mirrors ect. My stock interior is all black with white spectacles in the seats. Looks ok but I didn't like it so.... #ProjectTurd I will eventually look at replacing the seats. Especially if the pins go 🤣 I'm the only driver so mine rarely gets moved thankfully. Seat covers are looking a little tired now but they're 2 years old and 30k in 😂 (That is definitely a steering lock that I have the key for and not a metal baseball bat of any kind 😇)
  7. Get a VPN for your car 😂🤦‍♀️
  8. Thankyou that would be awesome! I feel you with the quotes because halfrauds wanted £790 ish for the clutch. I laughed so hard he didn't know how to react 😂 I've had better quotes since around £320-£350 just to put it in context. I would rather do the work myself. 1. Because it's cheaper. 2. Because I know it's being done right. 3. I can spot other stuff that needs doing. 4. I'll do the correct research because I actually care about my car unlike a mechanic. I just need to get some tools and the gaskets I need. How long of a job is it do you know? I'll be trying to keep her as long as possible. Not many about now, I looked a month ago and there were about 1500 on the road and 500 sorn. I got her cheap too and could have made money straight away. I'd still get more than I paid now 😂 hoping they'll be a future classic haha
  9. Thanks 👌🏻 I have a set of lift bolts here ready for whenever the lid comes off 😂 had an argument with MrT saying "You don't need them, they never snap. I've worked here 20 years blah blah"... Just give me the part and take your £1.50 and shhhh. 😂 I've been looking a torques and didn't know what rating to get so thankyou for that it will help a lot. Was hoping to get under again today but the weather's looking rather crappy again... just my luck. Going to try and get her parked down the side of the house instead but it's VERY hard to soothe wind here. I'm near the most windy part of the m62 🤷‍♀️ I'll be glad when lockdown is over! As for plugs I was looking at the denso power iridium ones. From what I've read they're pretty much the same as the NGK one. Only reason I lent towards those is because denso are in it now. Thanks again
  10. Never had a disk stick on before? I've got a new hub sat here I was gona stick on ebay if it's of any use to you I'll give you first dibs lol (not sure what model your on though)
  11. I ended up getting it from MrT 🤦‍♀️
  12. My UK 04 one has a strong beep when I open drivers door with light on. Don't know about later models but I would assume it should.
  13. You're a star thankyou! The spark plugs are on my mental list of things to do aswel once I can. Gona order a torque wrench... kinda gona need one. Gearbox oil was done a few years ago when I bought it if I remember right. Break fluid when it was in halfords for discs. How long has it been on the mot checklist. My last one was December. She flew through with a few advisories. Thanks again. Gona go out and look at another issue soon... 🤦‍♀️ wish me luck
  14. Probably a few leaks after looking and wiping with clean cloth. Will get as much gunk off as I can when I get some cleaner. Hopefully wind will die down because I'm out on the street kerbing the car getting battered by dust and leaves underneath 😂 my neighbor's must laugh their heads off. To do list. De gunk Drive Check again Get TCT ORing done and probably rocker gasket too (is that something I could do easy enough once I get a torque wrench?) Thanks again for all advice. I would love the confidence to just get in there and fix it 20200522_135131.mp4
  15. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️