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  1. Brakes work fine at normal driving speeds there is no noticeable difference. The difference comes when transitioning to low speeds, suddenly there is less regenerative braking and it can feel like you have to press the brake pedal harder to obtain the same braking effect, and then back off for the final stop. Seems normal now for me, it was just the first few stops weren't to my normal smooth standards. I really don't think about the brakes now (other than wishing the brake hold button would remember your last setting) hybrid braking systems are a lot more complex than normal car brakes The my20 Excel has gone to full leather seats. They have dimples in them, I've not had any overheating issues with them - I find them very comfortable. My previous car had Alcantara seats, I used to get a bit warm with them occasionally on long drives.
  2. I did try the lane assist on a drive upto the North East on the M1/A1M earlier in the year. I had it set to centre the car, the roads were very quiet that day, so I let it drive itself for a stretch, obviously with hands lightly on the wheel as I don't trust it. It did fairly well, there was the occasional slight swerve, but it didn't go out of the lane. I got to passing an exit slip road, where it couldn't work out which way it wanted to go, and drifted towards the exit. I've left it turned off since, for me it is just a toy that I've no interest in. I've never had a problem with piano black panels/scratches, but then I've never had a Toyota before, so I'll see how they go. I actually find the ride quite good compared to my previous German cars, it can corner, but it I find it very compliant on uneven surfaces. Infotainment is definitely the weak point for me. There were a couple of updates released recently for the MEU and DCU (as well as the map update) Some information here if you use google translate / Chrome: It is very important you use the correct one for your vehicle from the information pages on your media unit, I'd recommend taking it to a dealer, but if your feeling competent enough, manipulate the Toyota links described on the German forum to the codes relevant for your car, copy the files to a usb stick formatted in fat32, place in the socket by the glove box and it will offer an update. Not really noticed any differences yet, but then I haven't been driving the vehicle much recently. Maybe we should have a thread here about media/navigation updates. Coming to a Hybrid from a diesel, the brakes definitely took some getting used to for me, I'm normally very smooth, but it was difficult to adjust, I've cracked it now though. The radar brake system in the Toyota goes off just as much as my previous VW. I've never had a car actually brake on me, but they do warn when turning corners with parked cars etc. I've never seen the hybrid battery on my 2.0 lower than 30% on motorway journeys so far. I do notice the engine charging the battery on the motorway when in a steady cruise. Overall I really like the car, it is a great place to sit on those long journeys.
  3. Does that rely on programming a route into the sat nav? Or is it just as smart without a satnav route, depending on the direction of travel? Sounds like a useful feature, to really optimise the route ahead
  4. Iane assist is pretty much always turned off, but it can be fun to let it drive itself every now and again (for the 10 seconds before it complains about hands on the wheel) when traffic conditions allow. I don't have any problems with Toyota's lane assist feature, it is comparable to my previous car, and works ok, it just spends about 99.9% of it's time disabled in my car - I rarely use it. When I mentioned toe in, this is what I had in mind Do toyota run a more neutral toe angle (compared to other manufacturers) at the expense of high speed stability, for an increase in fuel efficiency?
  5. What do you like about your Corolla? What do you find annoying? I have my Corolla via my company, I was pretty much forced to go Hybrid by government tax brackets, and in my opinion, the only reasonably priced Hybrid estate (that doesn't plug in - not practical for me), with toys, and a proven reliability pedigree was the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Hybrid. My previous vehicles have been "dirty diesels" such as the VW Passat 2.0 GT etc, this is my first ever Toyota. Power wise, it feels is on par with my previous vehicle, I'm not disappointed. It is smaller in the boot department, but I can manage using the rear seats. One major annoyance was the rear seat belt sensor alarm sounding alarms when I had items there - far too sensitive, never had this before with any other car, but problem solved with a cheap app and an obd device. The front seat base in the Corolla is shorter than the Passat, and I am quite tall, but I have adjusted to it, and I can get a comfortable position for those long motorway miles. Although one thing that annoys me about Japanese cars is the ratchet backrest, I usually struggle to fine tune the backrest angle to my taste, it all seems a compromise - the VW had an electric backrest which I could find that perfect position. The media system is just ok, I just wish it had more station presets per mode - travelling the country, 6 isn't enough on DAB. The sat nav does work, but it is so irritating! I like 2D, direction forward - the auto zoom is just terrible. You're on a motorway, getting near a junction, with it set to 0.25 miles or whatever, and it will auto zoom in far too soon, so you can't see the junction layout ahead. And then when you get to your destination, it will auto zoom in, and then remember that zoomed in level as the default for your next trip, so you have to zoom out again. I never once had to touch a zoom button in the VW, it just worked as expected. Luckily my Corolla has Android Auto so I can use Google Maps, but I do feel sorry for the people stuck with the standard Toyota/Lexus system. Steering was a little unusual at first, after the VW, the Corolla felt a little unstable at speed to begin with, whereas the VW always felt heavy and planted. Maybe the Toyota runs a little less toe-in to reduce fuel consumption. Sport mode helps with the light steering feel, but it still feels like it wants to move around, I'm used to it now though. For a CVT, the Corolla can be quite fun to drive on the twisty stuff in sport mode, yes it revs and makes noise, its not trying to be a sports car, but it goes where you point, with good body control it and the 2.0 actually has reasonable performance, the standard fit Falken tyres don't impress me, but they'll be changed out once worn. I don't miss manual gearboxes. I did love the DSG gearbox on the VW, but once I got used to the CVT, I don't miss DSG too much. Speed accuracy... Toyota's accuracy margin is far too high. Was driving up the motorway on cruise control the other week at 65mph wondering why lorries were overtaking me. If I plug my obdlink lx into the car, and interrogate the car's speed via the ecu, and compare it with gps in the same app, the car's ecu knows the true speed very accurately (mostly within 0.5mph of the GPS speed), however, it decides to lie to me and give me a 10% margin for error on the dashboard, as an example, when my dashboard tells me I'm travelling at 70mph, I'm actually travelling at 64mph. When my dashboard says I'm travelling at 77mph, I'm actually travelling at 70mph. The VW was within 2mph at 70mph. And that brings me to the radar guided cruise control. In the VW, the radar display on the dashboard would show the vehicle in front approaching your set distance for cruise, giving you opportunity to plan ahead and pull out before you hit the threshold, so the car doesn't slow down. The Toyota doesn't do this, car ahead just suddenly appears on the dashboard to say it is tracking a car, then you just start to slow down, this seems to vary based on speed of approach to vehicle in front and distance, but if Toyota implemented this better on the display, like the VW, it would assist the driver to save fuel by pulling out to the overtaking lane at the right time. MPG, Corolla 2.0 is poorer at motorway speeds than a VW 2.0 diesel, low/mid 40's compared to late 50's/mid 60's. But it more than evens out with traffic. Currently, my Corolla is showing a long term MPG of 50.9 mpg, thanks to city driving, the VW long term average was about 44MPG for me with the same driving. I'd prefer it if the doors would auto lock when setting off, just to keep my rear doors/loads safe, it is something I'm used to. I'd also prefer it if the default for the brake hold was as you last left it - I press the brake hold button every time I turn the car on. (A similar annoyance in the VW was the engine start/stop - this defaulted to on every time you turned the car on, but in a DSG diesel, it didn't work well on roundabouts/junctions at all) Brakes were very strange at first, but once you understand the system, it makes sense. I'd just like a better regeneration display showing when the car is braking using electricity regeneration only and when the real brakes come in (eg the HybridAssistant app) I think the base car is very good, and most of the improvements needed are in software/user interface. I'd like: More accurate speed indication on the dashboard Accurate radar distance in cruise control mode, so you know exactly when the car is going to slow down More radio station presets per mode Sat Nav? I don't know, it is just poor for this day and age. Brake hold to remember the previous setting Customisation for driving settings (eg VW) I'd like a custom option where I can choose the sports mode steering with the normal throttle mode, or just remember the last spots setting at least. (it seems to remember eco mode, but not sports mode) Improved regeneration display showing when the disk brakes come in to effect - this would help improve my efficiency, Overall I'm pleased with my Corolla, but in my mind. it does have some small technological items that could be improved on. How does the new Corolla live up to your expectations?
  6. It's on my Excel. It is convenient, but convenience comes at a price - I always ensure my keys are stored in Faraday pouches when at home, due to these news articles You can turn keyless entry off Hopefully Toyota have improved on the issue since the start of 2019
  7. If you have keyless entry, you'll have a small sensor on the front of the door handle (the bit that looks like stripes on the attached picture) for locking the car, and you touch behind the handle to unlock it. If you don't have the stripes, you wont have keyless entry
  8. After looking into this further, I found a page on my Toyota UK account under the estore which said "Purchases" As new user, this wasn't obvious to me - never seen it before. Clicking on it shows all the items for my car which are active, including the full 2020v1 map, which I am currently downloading. So I take back my previous comment, the implementation is ok, it is just the documentation / clear instructions from Toyota which I find lacking.
  9. You get a free month with the Carista dongle. Well the first month is free - but you do have to enable a subscription. Not sure how it works on Apple products, but on an Android device you enable the subscription via the Google Play store, but you can cancel it immediately and just use the first month free, without being charged. Any other changes you want to make in the future, you'd have to take out another subscription.
  10. This is the list of adjustable settings using Carista, including the window settings, read from my Corolla this morning. I've turned the annoying seat dings off on mine, as I use the car for work, and the rear seats are far too sensitive to having boxes on etc. The warning still flashes on the display (which is fine for me) but I'm no longer being deafened when transporting heavy items. Dings & Warnings: Seat belt warning ding (driver) ENABLED / *DISABLED* Seat belt warning ding (front passenger) ENABLED / *DISABLED* Seat belt warninig ding (rear right passenger) ENABLED / *DISABLED* Seat belt warninig ding (rear left passenger) ENABLED / *DISABLED* Seat belt warninig ding (rear center passenger) ENABLED / *DISABLED* Ding when key is left in the car *ENABLED* / DISABLED Ding when key is out of the car and ignition is on *YES* / NO Ding when headlights are left on *YES* / NO Remote low battery warning *ON* / OFF Driver Assist: Default distance for Pre-Collision System (PCS) alarm when the PCS switch is turned off and back on *NORMAL* / REMEMBER LAST DISTANCE Default distance for Pre-Collision System (PCS) alarm when the ignition is turned on with the PCS switch off *NORMAL* / REMEMBER LAST DISTANCE Heater & A/C: Auto-turn on A/C when AUTO button pressed (if needed) *YES* / NO Auto-turn on recirculate mode when A/C is on *YES* / NO Open vents to outside air when ignition is turned off *YES* / NO Auto-increase blower speed when front defroster is on *YES* / NO Open air flow to footwell when AUTO button pressed *YES* / NO Ambient temperature calibration -3°C / -2°C / -1°C / *NORMAL* / +1°C / +2°C / +3°C A/C ECO mode *ENABLED* / DISABLED A/C compressor noise reduction ENABLED / *DISABLED* S-Flow function *ENABLED* / DISABLED Instruments: Displays & Nav: Instrument lights dimming sensitivity DARKEST / DARKER / *NORMAL* / LIGHTER / LIGHTEST Instrument lights restoring sensitivity DARKEST / DARKER / *NORMAL* / LIGHTER / LIGHTEST Engine start indicator *ON* / OFF Display odometer after ignition is turned off for… *30 SECONDS* / 1 MINUTE / 10 MINUTES / OFF Lights: Automatic: Auto headlights activation threshold DARKEST / DARKER / *NORMAL* / LIGHTER / LIGHTEST Lights: Exterior: Lane-change turn signal auto-flasher count OFF / *3 FLASHES* / 4 FLASHES / 5 FLASHES / 6 FLASHES / 7 FLASHES Turn signal click volume LOW / *MEDIUM* / HIGH Coming-home lights duration *30 SECONDS* / 60 SECONDS / 90 SECONDS / 120 SECONDS Lights: Interior: Interior light control *ENABLED* / DISABLED Turn on interior lights when you shut off engine *YES* / NO Turn on interior lights when you unlock doors *YES* / NO Turn on interior lights when smart key in range *YES* / NO Dim interior lights after… 7 SECONDS / *15 SECONDS* / 30 SECONDS Interior footlight (bright when doors open, dim when driving) *YES* / NO Interior lights linked to footlight *YES* / NO Turn on interior door-handle & center console lights dimly (flood lights) when ignition is on and shifter is not in park (P) *YES* / NO Locking: Automatic: Wireless door locking *ENABLED* / DISABLED Re-lock doors automatically if you unlock, but don't open a door within… *30 SECONDS* / 60 SECONDS / 120 SECONDS Locking: Doors & Alarm: Unlock doors via remote DRIVER'S DOOR ON 1ST PRESS, ALL ON 2ND / *ALL DOORS ON 1ST PRESS* Unlock doors via physical key DRIVER'S DOOR ON 1ST PRESS, ALL ON 2ND / *ALL DOORS ON 1ST PRESS* Unlock doors via smart key (door handle button) DRIVER'S DOOR ON 1ST PRESS, ALL ON 2ND / *ALL DOORS ON 1ST PRESS* Warn (beep) when door can't be locked because it's still open *YES* / NO Warn (beep) when a window is still open when locking doors *YES* / NO Warn (beep) when sunroof is still open when locking doors *YES* / NO Disarm the alarm when unlocking with key from door lock YES / *NO* Locking: Smart Key: Stop monitoring for car key signal after… 5.0 Touch-to-unlock-doors minimum duration OFF / SHORT / *MEDIUM* / LONG After locking with smart key, don't allow re-opening within… 0.5 SECONDS / 1.5 SECONDS / *2.5 SECONDS* / 5 SECONDS Smart key location to start car FRONT SEATS / *ANYWHERE IN VEHICLE* Open trunk via smart key DISABLED / DOUBLE CLICK / *LONG PRESS* Mirrors: Auto fold side-view mirrors (req. power folding mirrors) WITH IGNITION / *WITH DOOR LOCKS* / DISABLED Parking Sensors: Parking sensor beep volume LOW / *MEDIUM* / HIGH Rear center parking sensor range SHORT / *LONG* Trunk: Open trunk lid with remote SINGLE CLICK / DOUBLE CLICK / *LONG PRESS* / VERY LONG PRESS / DISABLED Unlock trunk when doors are unlocked *ON* / OFF Windows & Sunroof: Open windows and sunroof via long-press on remote ON / *OFF* Close windows and sunroof via long-press on remote ON / *OFF* Open windows and sunroof by turning and holding key in door lock ON / *OFF* Close windows and sunroof by turning and holding key in door lock ON / *OFF* Beep when opening/closing windows with remote *YES* / NO Open driver's window using single button press *YES* / NO Close driver's window using single button press *YES* / NO Open passenger's window using single button press *YES* / NO Close passenger's window using single button press *YES* / NO Rear-left window single-touch-close *YES* / NO Rear-left window single-touch-close *YES* / NO Rear-right window single-touch-close *YES* / NO Rear-right window single-touch-close *YES* / NO Passenger window single-touch-open from driver's switch *YES* / NO Passenger window single-touch-close from driver's switch *YES* / NO Rear-left window single-touch-open from driver's switch *YES* / NO Rear-left window single-touch-close from driver's switch *YES* / NO Rear-right window single-touch-open from driver's switch *YES* / NO Rear-right window single-touch-close from driver's switch *YES* / NO Obtained with Carista 5.0.1 for Android. If an app on a mobile phone can make these changes, then the dealer certainly should be able to, it's just a matter of how helpful and willing they are.
  11. There is the option to get the map on the "estore" on My car can do the OTA, I did it yesterday. What I didn't realise at the time is how poor the implementation is. So it turned out the OTA is just over 200mb (according to the screen on the car), but it took over an hour to install through my home WiFi! After installation, it turned out it had only updated the UK + IE data, not the whole of Europe, so the software update page still says 2019v2. If I go to a different page on the car menu in the map options, it tells me I have 2019v2 navdb but 2020v1 UK + IE map data. If I try to go onto the estore, it tells me I've "already purchased the map" and I that's all. So effectively the OTA is only an update for UK and Ireland, which takes far longer than the usb method, and then seems to lock you out of the entire European update.
  12. You can enable these features using the Carista app and an Obdlink LX / Carista OBD device, on the Corolla. The Obdlink LX is better than the Carista OBD device when it comes to hybrid HSD4 features, as the HybridAssistant app shows a lot more detail, but for the Carista app, it makes no difference. If you can do this with an app, surely the dealers must be able to do it.