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  1. i'm only looking to spend £2,500-3000 m8, I doubt that'd cover your costs here :)
  2. It looks awesome to be fair! Currently looking for one of these little crackers, but this one is a tad out of my price range unfortunately. The interior & engine bay is spotless, nice find, karma! :)
  3. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...4523645179&rd=1 a bit like this one! £11k miles since 1999, UK car... wow.
  4. Nicest mk2 i've ever seen was a standard rev5 in red, think it was on a '99. Beautiful, you can't improve on perfection.
  5. I thought he just pedaled a load of rubbish and won the !Removed! votes amongst others...
  6. I'm sure he could have got a decent skyline for the money he's invested.. I don't get this thing where people recieve praise for doing something 'totally different' and 'original' or 'unique' ... It may be totally different but it's certainly not nice! Anyway, strokes and folks.
  7. It's clear Michael Moore has it in for Bush, from the moment Bush tells him to 'get real work'. If nothing else, it points out the incredible greed and money driven mentality of those currently in power. I think the most astonishing thing is that Bush was re-elected when this film was released a year before that... Incidentally, Bush is just a figure head for that right-wing movement - the people behind the thinking are the same guys who were in power when George Bush Senior was around. These guys were nick named the 'crazies' ... can't think why....
  8. whilst i'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis barry... you're starting to turn into vmail.
  9. if you could haggle them for £5000 you'd only need another £1000 to buy a tsport food for thought.
  10. What's wrong with supercharging a polo gti?
  11. 150bhp in a fiesta must be turbo'd don't underestimate them!
  12. you cannot improve the original design of the mk2... so why bother trying? :)
  13. Personally I think there needs to be some consistency in deleting/locking and indeed, banning members for personal attacks. Seems to me like there's one set of rules for the in-crowd, and another for the outcasts.
  14. If you like TopGear you must like Clarkson.. It's the Clarkson show! Personally I idolise the guy, complete legend.. and he doesn't have a bad job either
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