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  1. Pwalk

    Yaris 2002 problem

    Thanks for the info everyone, very helpful. I'm unable to do repairs myself but at least now I know what to look for and hopefully this will bring the costs down.
  2. Pwalk

    Yaris 2002 problem

    Thank you both. Stevie's explanation makes sense to me. The exhaust must have been patched the last time the car had a service, but I wasn't told about the repair. Replacing the exhaust manifold and gasket sounds like an expensive job to me, taking into account the age of the car and its worth. I was still hoping to be able to sell it but maybe it's reaching the end of its days. Can the bearings on the alternator be replaced without changing the alternator itself?
  3. Pwalk

    Yaris 2002 problem

    Thanks. I'll see if I can check the pump. No A/C.
  4. Dear Toyota enthusiasts! I hope someone will be able to help me with a problem (or couple of problems - not sure if they are connected) with my Yaris 1.0 (2002). I have added a link to a short video below to illustrate it. A couple of months ago, I noticed a (sort of) high pitched sound that goes with the engine revs, sometimes it will appear straight away on ignition, sometimes later. Somebody suggested to me that could be a bearing on the alternator, and that I'd have to put in a new alternator soon. I haven't noticed any issues with battery charge. I do very low mileage and have been driving like this, but it recently started getting worse and apart from it being very annoying, I am also worried I'm causing more damage. The second thing I noticed is strange white powder-ish substance or residue on the left side of the engine - is that the exhaust pipe? You can see it better at 0:26 in the video. I also had a check engine light come on, but it went off by itself. In the meantime, I ordered an OBD2 scanner and it's showing a P0139 code (O2 sensor slow response). I had an O2 sensor changed 2 years ago, I don't remember for sure it was the same code then but very likely it was. Can someone tell me, are these problems connected? I can send diagnostic info from the scanner if it would help? Many thanks, Paul