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  1. It comes with a wiring kit. It will fit my car. It was originally fitted by Toyota, so I think it is a Brink brand. My car is a 2016, 1.4L, diesel, D-4D, hatchback. The chap wants €150 for it.
  2. Sorry, I'm an idiot for not thinking of that. 1.4L, D-4D, diesel, hatchback. Thanks again.
  3. I hope someone can help. On my budget I can't afford a new towbar. I found a used one which I would like to buy and fit myself. I have the tools and the ability, but this one comes with no instructions. So, I'm really worried that it may be necessary to drill holes, or cut bumpers and I do not know exactly where. It seems the towbars for Auris 2012 until now are all the same, so that will include my car. If someone can just tell me if I need any exact instructions, or is it straight forward enough for someone with lots of mechanical experience to do it without diagrams. Many thanks.