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  1. Thank you very much Gerg for this very detailed reply. You're right the manual does give instructions - I downloaded the wrong manual first time but have the right one now. If I got a battery charger, would you recommend any particular one? Presumably I would need to get in the boot for that - it wouldn't charge from the jump start connector under the bonnet? I do have relatives in the north, though not Durham, but I'll save visiting them until my wife and I are thoroughly symptomatic. That is, apparently, in line with government rules!
  2. Oh God, I just noticed my phone corrected Auris to Aureus ... sorry ... 🤦‍♂️
  3. Hi there. Apologies if this question is a frequent one - I did search through a few pages of this forum. My 2016 Auris hybrid is dead on my drive, having only been driven a couple of supermarket trips since the lockdown began in March. The alarm isn't on, the doors don't respond to the key buttons, and once I get in with the physical key the start button doesn't do anything. I know the car has two batteries - the hybrid battery under the bonnet and the 12v battery in the boot. I'm not sure which battery does what, but presumably both are discharged..? Can they car start without one? What's my best bet? Jump start then go for a drive? Would a battery charger do anything (and if so, what do you recommend)? Thank you for any help! Adam