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  1. thanks for your help its much appreciated the frame number is KCH10-0002071 Thanks
  2. looking for a replacement air con compressor the part i believe is 88320 it for 1995 granvia 3ltr can anyone help me find a part please
  3. hello, not sure if any club members who know granvias or indeed hiace etc are around milton keynes but would like help if possible to change the timing belt and aircon belt would anyone be interested obviously not for free. thanks
  4. so i have a 1995 granvia 3 ltr 1kz-te i got the air con regassed today but it was squealing really bead and when got home i looked to see what was going on and the air con belt was not running around smoothly more jolting and was advised to try revving to 2-2500 which did kind of work when took foot off no squealing but when revved to 2k it started again and this time there was a crack noise and when looked found the air con belt had snapped. so now i have problem trying to locate the correct belt and also how do i get it on? i assume it wont just fit over the fan? is anyone got a plan
  5. thanks for the info will have a look at options many thanks again
  6. looking for advice please i have a 1995 granvia with 1 key which is a single button remote i would like to have another but unsure where to get or if cant whether you can programme another remote to my key i am also looking for a manual or online plans of the granvia and parts list etc if anyone can help many thanks
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