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  1. I laughed at the randomness of the question... I'm laughing even harder at the fact that there are people in the board who actualy DO put their drum kit in an MR2!!! Nice one!
  2. Just make sure you get one that is suitable for an early revision (AFM) MR2 and you will be fine. Call Rogue for some advice...?
  3. Black Black/Carribean Blue Black/blue flip... looks awesome.
  4. RichB

    Rev3 + Lights

    I'm getting the rev 3 lights on mine, I think they look great. However, if you are thinking of changing, what about looking into the rev 6 ones from rogue, they look good also.
  5. Kakimoto systems are on loads of Jap imports, and they are 'average' systems, using fairly low grade steel. There are loads of aftermarket systems out there, my personal fav is Mongoose. OR you can go to powerflow or longlife for a custom one.
  6. RichB

    Smelly Brakes...

    Running the amount of power you do over stock, it would make sense to upgrade the brakes, even if just to fast road pads and disks. Lots of discussion as to which are best...
  7. Look on ebay, there are thousands of good deals on new and used alloy wheels. And these guys seem to do good deals - check out their sale section also: http://www.rochfordtyres.co.uk/
  8. Mine will be a daily driver/commuter as well. It's good to know that people with tuned cars can run such reliable distances.
  9. I think we are all waiting with baited breath for that one!
  10. RichB

    Was It You?

    His Bro Simon has one of the nicest Calibra Turbos around too, they are seriously switched on on the modding cars front.
  11. RichB

    G Limited?

    I think the G-Ltd has only retracting mirrors and aircon over the UK GTi16 model?
  12. 300bhp: Unichip, charge cooler, zorst w/decat, induction... Should see you near 300 if not over...
  13. On the contrary, the setup is significantly better, but the robustness of the system isn't.
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