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  1. The two main lights , when on dipped beam is it the one on the left that is on and the one on the right off .and the one on the right is full beam only and when switched to auto lights should come on automatic when getting dark , basically is this right as the dipped beam light is not that bright
  2. Hi seems all I do is ask questions sorry to bug going to try keep the head unit if I can get enough things working , got the radio working can get into the 100 s so enough stations, got the dvd , got the I pod so can play music from phone , not tried android phone yet on that so hope so , Is there a way of having hands free through radio it has a microphone fitted so must be ,cannot work out how to connect by Bluetooth,is there a after market kit that can be fitted any help appreciated
  3. Thanks yes I have goggled and seen loads of sites selling,was just asking if anyone had customised the car and had any tips
  4. Has anyone put Colored Bulbs in there car if so any tips
  5. I Hi we got our car today Toyota Estima 2.4 Auto G Edition and love it all ready only had a quick look at everything so wonder if you could help noticed the radio has sat nav of course Japan maps can you get uk maps ,also has tv can this be tuned to uk , radio is picked up into the high 90s so get most of stations ,it’s got a microphone presumably for phone will it work , that’s enough just now any advice please
  6. Bought from Japan Glasgow motors in Wishaw, salesman said that very few customers ask for conversion but if I wanted it done it would be about £130 and would have to wait till electrician was available,showed be a wee black box which he said got fitted , must admit talked that fast and I did not know if was being bum steered or not I would prefer it done properly and accurately but don’t no how to start is it law in the uk that the speedometer is in mph
  7. Taken the step and bought a 2007 TOYOTA ESTIMA 2.4 AUTO G EDITION 7 SEATS looks great ,probably have lots of questions over time but start off with , Speedo is in km ,best way to convert to mph
  8. Hi looking to buy a estema , have seen there’s a importer in Wishaw,Glasgow, has anyone bought from them , and is there any more in Scotland , also how much roughly to have under seal to a car