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  1. Also got a 1987 corolla hatchback mint
  2. Hi there. Ive also got one of these along with a gti 16 ae92 and a mr2 mk1 supercharger. Yours looks a good one tbh. would it be for sale? can pay good money!!
  3. See you have a nice carina haha. ive got a 25 anniversary one of them but needs some work. looking for a 4 door saloon gl or a carina 2 diesel. have had loads on the past. excellent cars
  4. Hw long ago was this? Is it still for sale? inbox me
  5. Hi mate got a carina 25th anniversary in need of some love for sale. would u be interested in it

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    2. Toyota4age


      Hii. Could you please pm me a number as find it easier compared to on here!!



    3. carina25th


      Email me the pictures please

    4. Toyota4age


      could u contact me on the number 07999765029


  6. Toyota4age


    Hi there just wondering if theres is any carina diesels on here> gs td. non turbo ones in the carina e. and even carina mark 2 diesels (Carina 2.0dxl). Im a proud owner of 3 carinas. Carina E diesel. Carina 25th anniversary and a mint white carina mark 2 saloon diesel.
  7. Hi there new to the owners club. Has anyone got any old classic corollas or carinas for sale? even an old hiace landcruiser or hilux. Looking for some more to add to my collection. Carina mark 2 etc. Would be interested in any corolla from 1980 to 1999. Let me know. Cheers!