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  1. Hes asking about which ones are PERMANENT 4WD, = 80 and 100 series
  2. the 80 series and the 100 series are permanent 4wd rest are rwd
  3. Hi there Keith. It should be on the top right. A little envelope sign . Click on it. or just drop me a text on 07999765029. Will be easier as thats my number. Some pics would be fab Also the amount of parts that you purchase to fit etc the surf would not have an influence on the price of sale. It just helps the new buyer decide on a future plan to whether the surf will need it in the future. Regards Billy. Genuine Toyota buyer and collector
  4. Hi there interested in the hilux surf. Sent you a message in fact with my contact details if thats ok as it seems like the motor im looking for. Regards Billy
  5. Will probably break it. If anyone needs any bits of it give me a shout
  6. Wasnt alot of money so not fussed. just a warning to any other buyers. I had to send a driver over to get the car as i was unable to view it myself. was guaranteed the car was fine. Instead ive had to recover it just off the a1 as the driver did not want to drive it back and totally knacker the clutch.
  7. Yes it does. chassis is same. whats the issue anyway? has the chassis gone rotten of the diesel
  8. Any carina gti owners on here? Proud to be an owner of one myself!!. Any other carina gtis on here. Uk based
  9. Bought the car. However clutch was slipping alot. Do not buy from this buyer in future. Car was nothing like described mechanically. Was unable to take it on a testdrive. However was assured its clutch , box and engine to be top notch however clutch is on its way out
  10. Hi there Peter, is the corolla a saloon, hatchback , estate. also ive messaged u my number so you can contact me on there or drop me yours and il be in touch. regards Billy
  11. Any Carinas for sale? Contact 07999765029
  12. Hi there I would be interested on this as project depending on the work it needs and also rust as these hiluxs are always rusting left right and centre!!. please contact me on 07999765029. (Not really active on here) . Drop me a message Regards Billy
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