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  1. I have been told abt meister r, quite pricey. based on youtube channel jayemm on cars. https://www.meisterr.co.uk/car/suspension/toyota/89-99-mr2-sw20/
  2. Hi all thanks for reading! i am looking for a runaround mk3 mr2. No particular preference with colour. Budget 3k. is the budget too low? I intend to use it as a daily covering around 10-15 miles a day max. Will there be much to do to get it back to good working order or 3k will be able to find a decent example? i dont have any experience with the mr2, so any advice would be appreciated. Specific point 1) 2001-2006, any particular year is preferable? 2) interior wise/ leather/cloth, thoughts? 3) how does the stock suspension hold up? Need afterma
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