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  1. Hello guys. I'm looking for a Japanese Vitz style rear bumper, the one they’ll take a square number plate, for my T reg 1999 Toyota Yaris S. I sure hope someone can point me in the right direction, eBay unfortunately is fruitless. I have a new plate waiting lol.
  2. Cheers for the reply! "Per Set" is that a set of two or four?,
  3. Funny, that you posted this because I was looking at that same page last night. Have you used this site before?
  4. That's a good idea, I'll pop to halfords tomorrow to take a look.
  5. Hello Guys, It's time to replace the brake pads on the Yaris, I've searched the Forum but can’t find a topic regarding this. Does anyone have any suggestions for good quality Brake Pads for the front of a Japanese 1999 (T Reg) Yaris S (None ABS). I'm looking to buy then in the next couple of days, as the brakes are making a grinding noise now (Metal on metal?) All the help / suggestions will be greatly received. :)
  6. Apparently that's exackly what it was: Bizzare Stuff about sandy rain in Wales this Jan Very strange, My car's very clean now :-)
  7. I've got a Yaris S, which came with a tape deck. when I bought the car, Toyota messed around with the log book, which delayed the sale by two weeks. For this I asked them to fit a CD player. The best thing about the tape deck, is you can use a tape to Ipod converter :-)/
  8. I must add, it rained a little today in Oxford. When I went out to the car, the rain had dried, but it left muddy splodges all over the car, I can't remember that happening before. :o
  9. I'm selling my custom built Computer as I rarly use it, because of my laptop. Anyone who's interested take a look at the details: www.kestrelmuppets.plus.com/Computer.htm Cheers,
  10. I have a T reg 1999 1L Yaris S, I've had it for quite a few years now. I'm thinking of upgrading a couple of things, One thing that comes to mind is the wing mirrors. I currently have manual mirrors, I would like them to be electronic mirrors. Can this been done? If so what do I need? Is there a wiring loom I can plug them into?
  11. I think the colour is "Nightshadow Blue", I believe the Vin plate has the paint code you are looking for.
  12. My Wii sports age is 51, I was playing round my parent’s house this morning. lol Power to the Wii
  13. I found out mine folded in when I got a bit to close to a car when parking. I thought ***** I've damaged my mirror, then just pushed it back out. Nice one.
  14. I love that fuel gauge. I'm so happy when it's full, But not so happy when it's disappearing.
  15. I hate cats, sh#ting all over peoples gardens, ready for kids to pick up. :-( kill all cats.
  16. Just another silly pose by Lenry
  17. http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZleonard..._uk_2000QQhtZ-1
  18. I get between 290 and 330 miles out of a £27.00 tank. I always refill when the petrol meter just hits the last mark.
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