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  1. Same problems with mine plus graunching noise when braking on right hand lock.The problem (as Toyota advised) was caused by a sticking carrier, so in my opinion not a wear item.Discs & pads have plenty of meat on them but lips & ridges on discs & pads.Also visible hot spots on discs. I have retained the parts as evidence because the problem was caused by a sticking carrier & not brake wear. The bill was £257.00.
  2. Both front discs & pads £257.00 Not worn but scores & ridges on pads & discs.Agree wear items but problems caused by sticking carrier which should be under warranty. Pulsing & noise on braking that is why i replaced.
  3. I have retained the old parts.
  4. Has anyone experienced this problem on a three year old Aygo ? Quote from Toyota service advice "Advise new brake pads & discs as needed due to corrosion on discs & pads sticking in the carrier". I had to have both front disc & pad assemblies replaced as advised but i think this is unacceptable on a vehicle with a full Toyota service history & 13,300 miles on the clock.