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  1. Hi. Not an expert on these but I can see from my 2010 the fuel flap is held closed by a sprung loaded pin located to the right of the fuel filler. Its about 2cm long and when the flap is closed the pin is pressed in by a lug on the flap and then springs out to catch the flap. There isn't any access to the mechanism under the wheel arch so I presume access is via the removable panel inside the boot. Possibly your pin is stuck in or the spring is broken. The lever beside the drivers seat should have some spring tension when you pull it. Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks. Just the colour matching sensors in the rear bumper made me wonder.
  3. My 2010 Rav4 has 4 parking sensors on the rear bumper. I didn't think they worked as there was no audible warning when reversing. Then I noticed the distance displayed digitally on this small box on the dash. Has anyone seen one? Assume it's not Toyota?
  4. Hi. Having recently purchased my first Toyota, a 2010 Rav4 2.2D4D 2WD a month ago, I have learned more about the car in that time from this site than I've known about any other car I've owned. In relation to the cars 6 speed manual gearbox I've established that the correct gearbox oil is API GL-4 SAE 75W. The owners manual appears to suggest that the gearbox oil should be checked every 40k miles and only needs changed if the vehicle is driven under one of the "Special Operating Conditions" listed in the Service or Warranty booklets. I've searched these booklets and cannot find these. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has found these and what they are. That said, most advice here seems to point to changing the gearbox oil say every 4 years or 40k miles. Would this be advisable? The gearchange would be a little clunky from 1st to 2nd especially when cold and hopefully this would improve with a gearbox oil change. Any photos of the drain and fill points on a 2wd gearbox (if different from above) would be helpful. Thanks