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  1. Engine light keeps coming on and off. Apparently guy I bought car off said it would come on/off for a bit as he pretty much replaced a lot of the engine
  2. Foxy Voxy

    T cut?

    Had my Voxy for less then a month and some idiot decides to collide into the side of me. I've attached 4 pics of damage, from pics can someone advise on solution. Would a simple scratch remover and T cut do the job? TIA
  3. Foxy Voxy


    Recently purchased a Voxy, what's the best way of getting these headlights back to clear?
  4. Update... Garage had to do it old skool and test each spark plug.. Couple of the spark plugs needed replacing but I got all 4 replaced. Also needed a pencil coil. Running a lot better now. Cheers
  5. No EML. It's going in on Tuesday morning. Hopefully nothing to worry about after just forking out the money for it.
  6. First time owning an automatic (although have driven automatics for work) Alot of it is front end. Feels like it might cut out if in very low speed or when resting. The rpm seems to be up and down quite often.
  7. Am I looking at expensive bills
  8. I'm not sure if idling problem, it's an automatic, when going at low speed it shakes more.
  9. Hi I'm new to the forum. I have a Toyota Voxy, this is my first Japanese car. I've noticed that when driving it lately that it shakes/vibrates. Can anyone help on what could be the issue?