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  1. I had a look and it would obscure the petrol indicator and a bit of the Rev but I could live with that, plus the one I’m looking at folds back into itself anyway, need to find out about the depth I wasn’t too sure about using the double din pocket, just feel like it would be a bit low down and also wouldn’t be able to use the ac while it’s up, but I’m gonna review all my options thanks so much for your help
  2. Hi my name is Adam I’m new to the owners club I have a 2005 Toyota Yaris Mk1 and I was wondering, if this is possible or if it’s ever been done, I want to try fit a single Din sized radio where the clock/temperature display is, Even if I have to trim the dash a bit, I’m looking to fit the pioneer avh-z7200dab there and the normal din slot I have would just be too low and obstruct the gear stick, I’ve measured the unit and seems to be similarly sized in width but bigger in length, any help would be greatly appreciated, or even to just tell me I’m crazy for thinking of this cheers -Adam
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