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  1. I think I had delivery of one of the first 2.0 GR TS in the UK back in January 2020. Great and comfortable car, mpg avg at 56 over the last 2 and a half years. 28k miles so far. Love the HUD wish it had the options of Bi-LED headlights, steering wheel warmer, and pan sunroof. If the MY23 fixes that next year I may be inclined to trade up
  2. Definitely don't use accessory mode for long - I found that out the hard way over the weekend 😋Mpg definately improves over time. The engine beds in, as does your driving style. On the GR you have a HUD which I love as you can turn the eco slider/bar on and monitor your eco performance whilst keeping your eyes on the road. I find the dial panel a bit too clustered especially in the admittedly very pretty 3D dial mode. The HUD used this way helps train your brain over time. Also google 'pulse and glide' technique as a good place to start. The GR in 2.0 is a wonderful allround car, very comfortable and has some welly if you need it.
  3. You can adjust this on the fly by using the 'gear' paddles flanking the steering wheel. Click the right one to reduce the resistance and recharging or the left to increase and slow down faster, great way to slow on hill decents or in the wet as well. Just be sure to check if anyone is behind you as this will not show any break lights
  4. I am currently stuck in sainsbury's multistorey awaiting roadside to come and give us a jump. Left wife and kids in car whilst I went in to pick up a bicycle helmet for my daughter. 10 mins audio and aircon running. Not enough power left to even lock the doors. This is the 5th time I have had to call roadside since getting car in Feb. Tried a solar trickle charger it didn't work. Bought a booster but it never had enough juice to turn the car over.Had original battery replaced. Another sunday ruined, this shouldn't happen with a new car. Dealer refusing to look at it anymore. I love this car but for 30k I should be able to leave my family in a comfortable environment for 10 blumming minutes! 🤨
  5. I test drove the 1.8 and ended up buying the 2 litre. The 2l definately has more power / less revy but also a thicker windscreen and better sound dampening under the bonnet making for less wind and engine noise in the cabin. But road noise from the Falkens provided is rather load on both.
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