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  1. After some advice on oil feed for forced induction.. Seen people write about feeding (from front of engine bay, under intake manifold with T-mounts to turbo and top part of oil pan) Unsure as to what are the exact fittings... BPT, NPT 1/8 or Bpt to Npt adaptors? Which should fit perfectly for the oil pressure sensor hole? Advice would be much appreciated 🙂
  2. Sorry for those newbie worries.. I haven't turbo'ed cars before.. this is my first time ever.. I have realised just now that there is in fact a turbo yaris and a standard lol Have cancelled that boost controller, hope it gets refunded quick so I can actually just order the maxxecu mini. Have applied to be quoted on one..
  3. Now that bugs me.. he mentioned that he has turbo'ed his yaris from n/a to turbo on stock ecu. He did mention that he has an "original turbo yaris ts ecu", considering his english is not on point, but thought he just meant the standard tsport ecu? I mean't boost controller to get rid of spikes and smooth delivery, but as for pressure I'd change the wastegate spring for less bar.. wanting 0.5 bar as for stock that'd be a lot to handle.
  4. Oh no 😒 so you're telling me that the ph2 ecu supports extra lil boost and the ph1's don't? If so how so you know the ph1 would not support this option? Surely there is some way to bypass that trigger? Only asking as I already ordered electronic g-force boost controller.. as it really seemed to be the option for me, running minimum boost.
  5. I like the idea although I'm not looking for big jobs.. have actually seen boost controller usee on stock ecu and a rad from d4d yaris.. re built turbo and makes about 180hp.. crazy.. wouldn't think stock ecu can live up to it.. boost controller seems by far the last thing I'm looking for now. Video:
  6. It seems as if kess does have support for yaris though.. it has drivers for it... I might be wrong but in my opinion worth a try.
  7. I am a bit all over the place now with ecu's 😅 I have found stock maps for this ecu and programs to remap and to delete lambda through computer.. I will be using stock map and adjust it while turbo is on the car.. if that don't bang then I will be going with the maxxecu. I will be using kess v2, seems pretty legit so far from research.
  8. These seem like some good ecu's.. not too expensive but still in mind with saving so I could invest in other better parts... what are your guys thiughts on the EcuMaster Det3? It seems to be the cheapest and still has plenty features? Also, doesn't the power steering need the stock ecu to to control it? Maxxecu Mini is another good choice 👍
  9. That is what I'm thinking, playing around with wastegate should eliminate excess pressure.. yeah didn't double check myself there with that haltech... I can see that the AEM FIC 6 it is gonna be.. as there don't seem to be any cheaper than that.I appreciate your time. If I need, will update you once I get the project going 🧐😃👍
  10. What are your guys thoughts on the Haltech Elite 750? Seems like best priced option for me at around £250 (MightyCarMods used that on the 1 litre yars mk2) As to the turbo, you say its around 14 - 16 psi. That comes to around 1 bar pressure. I'd be willing to make it 0.6 bar max... is that not possible to keep it spinning at lower pressure with fuel timing using software (in other words boost control)? Not willing to invest into turbo much, if it requires getting new one then I will stick with just the rest of the mods.
  11. Hey guys, I have recently bought sport version of yaris (1nz-fe, 1.5Vvti) and have a spare turbo laying around from peugeot 1.4 diesel. Im certain I can fit it myself, some welding to the manifold (ordered new). I am unsure yet as of what ecu people use for these cars and wat would be the best in my application? I have planned to also change timing chain just before fitting turbo also changing to the Jun Cams. I'm a bit unsure about the bolt-on cams running with turbo, have read somwhere that I would have to run the other jun cams, that need reprogramming? I'm not looking for mad performance boost, just something that will give quite good acceleration and won't drink too much, I'd be fine running with 130 to 150hp. Not planning on changing pistons etc. Might just run it no cat and maybe lightweight flywheel with performance clutch. I'd appreciate if someone shed some light on these for me as research wasn't enough in my case.
  12. If found, quote me on this one.. was actually searching for them now myself.. after place to get them from.