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  1. Thanks! I was wondering if it was just my own... This does not make any sense. At all. And neither of these problems will be solved. Thanks! Yes, they won't be solving this at all. Shame.
  2. Hi everyone, I’m new in this forum and I would like to know if anyone has the same two issues that I have with my 2019 Corolla 1.2 Turbo, manual transmission. So: - My cruise control does not work too well when going downwards on low inclination roads. If I set it for 70km/h, it just goes on (reaching 80 km/h or more) until I press the brakes. For me, that defeats the whole purpose of cruise control, but I’m told by Toyota representatives that cruise control, on manual transmission and in this model, only controls the accelerator and not the brakes, so... it’s a feature. Does anyone have a similar car that can provide feedback on this matter? - the other one is software related, and it’s regarding a very basic feature on phone calls. I have all my phone contacts saved with the international prefix (for instance, in Portugal it’s +351, UK it’s +44, etc) and when someone (that I have the number stored) calls me from Portugal the system simply doesn’t understand that it is a number that I have saved, and does not show me the name of who’s calling. I assume it’s because of the number not having the prefix when calling from the same country. That drives me nuts. I had an Auris (2014) and a RAV4 (2018) that recognised anything I threw at them.. And this version doesn’t. Again, I’m told it’s not defective, it’s a feature - and I’ve tried to import the contacts again and all that stuff. Does this happen in your units as well? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, My name is Tiago, I’m from Portugal and I’ve had Toyotas almost all my life, with a brief stint with an Italian brand. Nice to be here and learn with you all. My current Toyota is a Corolla, registered in 2019, with a 1.2T engine.