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  1. Seems like the easiest solution is to simply modify the 28 pin connector by adding a reverse cam pin (I can live without the climate and hybrid battery charge information). Could you help me with the easiest way to get 12v when activating reverse close to the tas500? Do you know the specs of the pin needed to modify this particular 28pin connector?
  2. Also measured 31-1 (with gnd on 32-7). 0,02v with ignition off 13,8 with ignition on. Tas500 turns on with ignition without this pin. Edit 1: Reverse signal is 12v? If I jump 31-1 and 31-2 in the adapter or without it, the reverts should be activated at all times? Just to figure out if it's working otherwise. Edit 2: so I tried what I mention in edit 1: I can see reverse camera image on screen. What should I do next? Edit 3: Adding a picture of reverse cam active with yellow jumper cable circled.
  3. Attached is a picture of one of the ends of the adaptor (I assume this ish what you are referring to as the lead?) I've driven the car without the adaptor for more than a week without a problem (no AC or reverse camera, don't think adjusting volume to speed worked either). Connected the adaptor and put reverse gear on. No luck. Didn't actually reverse but can attempt right now. The adaptor lacks can high and can low. Edit: I measured the connectors in the adaptor just in case, they go straight thru, so I guess all the adaptor does is remove can, ig, and run an unused cable in 2. As I mentioned light in the tas500 display is adjusted when I turn on headlights without the adapter, so my conclusion is that cam is somehow working.
  4. Basically what the adapter does is disconnect Can high and low, and IG (on 1, but has a wire in 2, which seems to be the reverse signal, a wire the car is missing. Might be a crazy idea, but how about running a wire from the reverse light on 31-2? )
  5. Below I added a few commenta of how it looks in the car, and the adaptor. I wrote the color of the odd cable since it might be switched. Since the five buttons on the left side of the steering wheel are working I guess 21-23 are working fine. That's probably not the issue. Mic shouldn't make any difference, siri works, but I guess it could be because of the internal mic on the tas500? Conclusion is that my car is missing pin 3&4 on the 24pin connector. Adaptor is mission Can hight and low, and IG. I guess IG means ignition? Tas500 behaves normally when turning on the ignition. With the adapter brigtness is adjusted on the tas500 when turning on the lights. Without it's not. 28 pin (touch2) 1.IG (nothing in the adaptor) 2. (pin in the adaptor, red) 4. Mic Power (red) 5. Mic + 6. Mic Detect 9. Can High (nothing in the adaptor) 10. Can Low (nothing in the adaptor) 15. PKB (handbrake) 17. VSC (Vehicle speed) 18. Shield Gnd 19. Mic - 21, 22 and 23 (red) steering wheel controls 24 Pin 3. Local bus High (17 on) (nothing in my cars connector) 4. Local bus Low (17 on) (nothing in my cars connector) 11. Cam + 5.5 - 7.0v 12. Cam image 23. Cam Ground 24. GND Local bus, could this be what's the problem? And my car is missing this since its pre17? Everything but camera and AC seems to be plug and play.
  6. So you are suggesting I match that with the pdf you posted earlier and rewire? Or are you saying it is not possible/requires other modifications (it's always possible, if it's worth it is another question)
  7. Wrong how? Pins don't align in the adapter and the cars connector. My guess is I should try switching 31-1 to 31-2. But you are the expert. 😀
  8. Yes, the camera works. I swapped back to the touch2 after the first install to see if I messed it up while installing.
  9. If it's any help I could measure to confirm if the adapter does anything or not.
  10. Bought the car used. But I guess so. Bought it from a company so I ques they didn't do any diy repairs. The car have traces of electrical equipment removed used by the previous owner (securitas). Camera looks original to me?
  11. As I understand the pdf nothing is connected to 31-2, reverse signal.
  12. Using this on the phone, so I don't see the last post all the time.
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