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  1. Richgl53

    Remote Start

    I was hoping for the remote start as well. My dealer didn’t even know that opening and closing all windows and pano roof was an option on the smart key. Think when I asked for remote start it blew his mind. It’s in the manual! 🥴🥴🥴
  2. Dealer now backing down, the techies didn’t know that when they plug their kit in there’s a whole list of hidden options...well who would have believed! 🤡
  3. Can anyone supply me a dealers name where this has been done, my dealer and his tech team insist it can’t be!
  4. On most Car fobs, when you unlock the car if you continue to hold the button the windows should all open, likewise if you do the same on the lock button, hold it down and the windows close. It does it on US and Oz models. In the US if you press the unlock three times the car will start but will be locked. This allows defrosting of windows or cooling of cabin.
  5. Hi all, talking to my dealer he says the windows open/code feature using the key, and also remote start is not available on European models. I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere that the dealer has to recode the key. Can’t believe I’m this day and age you can’t open or close all windows by holding down the relevant button
  6. Ordered 24 car already in the uk! 😬
  7. Must admit reading some of the post, I can’t really believe my car will be here in September
  8. AWD with pano roof, jbl, 360 camera
  9. Been told mines on the ship and should be into the dealer early September. Fingers crossed that’s correct!
  10. Yes I did, they told 5-6 weeks, but being a doubtful little (Mod edit: attempt to bypass swear filter deleted) and being told by Hitachi leasing it was 25 weeks I checked with another dealer whose response was 5 weeks if you’re purchasing but much longer if it’s a lease, fleet or company car. I’m leasing direct with Toyota so it’s all a bit up in the air!
  11. Does anyone know the current lead times for the RAV4 on Toyota leading, getting conflicting reports. Thanks
  12. Can anyone advise if a) you need a subscription to get speed camera alerts? b) if not how does the system operate? thanks R
  13. Hi all, anyone know roughly how far you’d have to drive to keep the battery charged?