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  1. ah yes, that's what i did as well. I also sent them an video of the issue. I hope they are able to pick it up for you. I was hoping to get it sorted like some others have before it gets more frequent/worse. Best of luck Wiz201 :)
  2. Hi I'm having exactly the issue you described. I sent my local Toyota centre a video of the issue occuring, but as they cannot replicate it at the centre (doesn't happen all the time for me) they said there is nothing they can do. Did you end up getting yours sorted? i'm curious as to how to start about doing this as my car is also barely used
  3. I suppose the only thing to do is wait till it becomes more frequent? I understand it's not the centre's issue and it's more a Toyota protocol. However, it just doesn't feel very safe when the gearbox fails in the middle of traffic (not safe for anyone on the road, not just myself). The annoyance is the issue is well documented to relate to MMT and the electronic actuator. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I see a few others on here have had this issue and i was wondering how they dealt with it, and if it had to occur at their centres to be looked at more closely
  4. Hi all, I just wanted some insights or advice into something. I have a 2020 Aygo auto and it's been driven 1,100 miles. Over the last 6 months when I try to reverse from standstill it refuses to move and flashes N on my dashboard for 10 seconds before moving to E or R. I looked this up and it seems to be a common issue with MMT gearboxes and is often an issue in the electronic clutch sensor/actuator My Aygo went in for a service today and i ordered a diagnostic for this today. They said nothing came up on their end and that it's fine. I then sent the branch some videos of this o
  5. This is really useful to know! My 1 year service isn't due till Feb and I have been working from home due to covid. I will definitely mention this issue as I'm under the 5 year warranty. Hopefully they will be able to pick up some error codes and fix it for me 🙂
  6. Hi all, I have a 2020 x shift Aygo and over the last month my car has been beeping a lot more at me when I reverse out of the driveway and other places. I get about 5 or 6 beeps and N flashes on my dashboard when I try to engage reverse. After these beeps are done I am able to then reverse. It has become more frequent over the winter/colder days. Sometimes it won't beep at all but other times it will - there doesn't seem to be a definitive pattern. I have read reasons from its too cold to its the MMT gearbox or loose wiring. Has anyone else had this issue? I
  7. Thanks for your response. Is it normal for the coolant to never return to the levels seen when it was brand new though? I've only ever noticed a very very slow decline (I check every 3-4 weeks) and the coolant has never returned to the levels photographed in Feb. All of the photos I've taken since Feb show a regular slow decline. Was going to bring this up with Toyota but currently avoiding leaving home too much.
  8. Hi everyone, New Aygo owner so I'm not sure if this is normal But on the left in the photo is my coolant level when my car was 1 week old vs just now (conditions same). Is this decline normal? Not sure if a car is New if sometimes the coolant declines to a certain level? Someone mentioned expansion of hose pipes? I never noticed this in my Corsa
  9. Hi everyone I have a 2020 Aygo with reverse camera and rear parking sensors (all factory installed) Sometimes when I start my car and reverse the parking sensors go off right away and beep about 4 times. During this time a R symbol for reverse flashes on and off on my dashboard. After 4 beeps this stabilises and i can reverse. Other times I engage reverse and it beeps once (to show sensors are working i assume), the R symbol for reverse shows solid (no flashing) and i can reverse without beeping. Why doe the R flashing and 4 beeps happen sometimes but not others? Is this
  10. Thanks everyone! My tank only had 1 bar left on it so it could be the case that I pulled the 'trigger' too fast on an empty-ish tank! Usually I never let the tank go below half empty/full so I've never had this issue. I really appreciate all the advice here as it certain fixes the issue :) Thanks again everyone!
  11. Stupid question guys...i was filling at the pump today but the nozzle clicker kept going off (as though to signal the tank was full...but it wasn't). This happened a good 10-15 times before it let me fill as normal and petrol continuously flowed. Any idea why? I even went to a different petrol station during this and the same thing happened so I know its linked to the car. Never had this issue before.
  12. Hi everyone! I've had a new Aygo for the last 6 months, driven only 700 miles due to Covid. I noticed a very slight drop in coolant levels - maybe about 2/3mm. Seems to have occurred in the last 3 months (i check every 3 months or so and it was unchanged in May). The coolant level used to be slightly above the middle line of the F in 'Full', but is now just slightly below the middle line (see image linked)...about 2/3mm. Engine was off and cool for hours in both instances. Been told by some that no coolant loss what so ever should occur and that there's an issue, but some s
  13. hi all, Have a brand new aygo from the dealership. I randomly noticed a weird bump in the trim today, but no scuff or scratch marks anywhere near it so it wouldn't have been a kerb etc Any ideas? Anyone else had this?
  14. Thanks everyone! Its put my mind at ease as I wasn't sure if something was wrong. I really appreciate everyone's response! I hope you all have a lovely week (and I hope this thread helps someone in the future)! 🙂
  15. Hi everyone! New Aygo owner here! I've never had a car with AC before so not sure if noise is normal! I dont notice it much when driving but when idle or in traffic its louder. You periodically hear the compressor on and off. Its louder when you stand next to it outside. Is this normal? Its a totally new car (400 miles done) but first time using AC! Any help would be great as this is making me super anxious! 20200627_132730.mp4
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