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  1. When centre of spare wheel is aligned with retaining screw hole, the wheel sits on the trim and there are no fixing holes for the polystyrene boxes at the sides !?!
  2. I purchased a 2019 Corolla hatchback that was factory fitted with TRK but been converted for a spare wheel by the first owners at 800 miles. When I purchased it, at 3700 miles, it was carrying a TRK as the owners had allegedly removed the wheel. I purchased the Toyota spare wheel along with seat and retaining screw but it doesn’t fit in as it clashes with the trim near the bumper. Does anyone know if there is a different trim that allows the spare to fit, that has been changed to fit the TRK tray back in ? I have the conversion parts list which seems to suggest that the part I need is 6471602160C0 but the only image I can find on the eBay store is the same as what’s already fitted. TIA
  3. New to Toyotas but loving my Corolla. Need to sort the boot arrangement so will be asking for help x