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  1. I am planning to replace my base model Verso mk1 with another 03 Reg Verso with air con. My car is going really well an very comfortable as it is fitted with 60 depth tyres. The change will cost £2k but I will have a car with lower mileage and the all important air con. Can you let me know how the two cars compare on performance and comfort ? Cheers
  2. The apec pads sorted mine but perhaps it’s because they are new .
  3. With all the potential problems with the ZZE I am taking no chances. When the Honest John forum took a selection of filters apart they found a wide variance of the filter core material. And some had no relief valve. ive had pattern air filters which disintegrated and drop into the carb on my daughters old polo , stranding her in the fast Lane. Another example was a main dealer who ran out of oil filters sourced one from a factor and the engine ran out of oil on the M1 as the seal was not a good fit. Why risk your engine for a £10 part ?
  4. Had lots of noise problems with a Bosch wiper blade so I took advice from a Toyota engineer who suggested fitting a genuine Toyota blade. They are a little more expensive but I notice it is not as long as the Bosch one. So maybe Bosch have not supplied a blade the same as the one fitted at the factory. Result no scraping noise !
  5. And according to a Toyota engineer, insist on a genuine filter not a pattern one
  6. Very interesting thread. I was recommended to always use a Genuine Toyota Filter when oil changing. But I was surprised to find the new filter to be half the size of the pattern parts. But in view of the engines history it’s one part to use OE.
  7. Had the exact same problem and in the end ditched the Mintex pads and fitted a cheap set of pads from my local factor. loads better. also a new set of pins and clips back and front
  8. And can anyone explain why the noise went away for a week after the anti rattle pads were fitted then returning as usual ?
  9. Progress so far . New pins fitted which improved things for a while then the pads started squealing. So I can only assume the pads are poor quality. Can you recommend a good quality OE pad to fir to a 2003 Corolla Verso zzE Many thanks
  10. Mine were down to calliper pins seized but it took ages to diagnose. Make sure the pads move freely on the guide pins. A new set of pins front and rear sorted it for me
  11. Need a footrest for my 2003 earlier Verso 5door. Part no 58191 130020 Can you help please? cheers, steve
  12. Yes you are right. its 58191 13020. Lots for the 2004-9 which ends in 10 ? But no luck with the earlier model so far !
  13. Need a replacement footrest pedal for my 2003 Verso. lots available for the 2004 to 9 but none for my previous model. The part number, now discontinued by Toyota is 5891-13020. Can you help please ? Cheers, Steve
  14. Thanks Flash , Original radio but reception suddenly deteriorated. perhaps try contact cleaner ? Cheers
  15. Hi, I get poor reception on anything but the main BBC stations on FM. Is this normal . Seem to think it is getting worse on Classic FM which I listen to regularly. Many thanks steve
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