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  1. Hi all, Ive seen a few threads on here with the same issue but didnt give an answer a few years ago, so Im hoping someone might know now. I have a 2012 Verso where the Central locking won’t unlock the car with the keyless handle or fob, but both will but will lock it. When I try an unlock it with the keyless handle all the locks just make a clicking noise and the indicators will also flash six times The key fob switches off the alarm then I must use key to get in, then manually unlock all doors. The internal door lock/unlock switch also does not unlock the doors. When its playing up the internal door lock/ unlock switch also will not unlock the doors but will lock them It’s the same with both fobs and then at random it will start working again, sometimes without even moving the car. Has anyone had a similar issue or have any ideas on what might be wrong, I’ve changed the batteries and it stops working sometimes for most of the day and happens in different locations. Any help would be much appreciated