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  1. Two things: 1. I noticed something strange today: after I filled up the gas tank the error disappeared. In the last two weeks the error kept appearing; the tank was a quarter full (I made only 4 - 5 small drives <about 5km each>). But today I made a longer trip 200km and I needed to refill the tank. After I refilled the tank the error "Check hybrid system" disappeared and the error "pLock malfunction" never appeared in the 3 hour drive (busy road). In the previous months I never checked how much gas was in the tank when the error occurred, but honestly I don't know if this is just a coincidence or not. Do you know if a sensor or something else influenced by the gas level in the tank could cause this error ? 2. About two years ago I had to carry something heavier in the trunk, about 20 - 25 kg, and the error "check hybrid system" appeared on the dashboard. After I repositioned the load the error disappeared. The package was placed over the hybrid battery. Do you think a faulty connection at the hybrid battery could cause the error ? In 4 days I'll go again to the dealership for a more thorough investigation.
  2. @Greg The car has not been sitting in a salty environment but water/connector oxidation could be the cause. @flash22 The battery was replaced at the dealership with an original one. And last time I was at a dealership (different one) I told them specifically to check the battery and they said that is not that. I made an appointment at the dealership to run a diagnosis again and I'll see what I'm going to do after that. The "funny" thing is that in 3 out of 4 cases the error disappeared when I arrived there. Is like it knows 😀
  3. Hello! Since last year, an error (PLock Malfunction), started to appear on the dashboard. After I stop the car and start it again only check hybrid system error remains (photos attached). The error occurs in any conditions: car running/driving, car sitting with the engine running, car sitting with the engine stopped. I went to two Toyota dealerships and both said that they see communication errors and the problem is possible a loose connection (diagnostic reports attached). But like I said, this error occurs even when the car sits still with engine not running. I can't find a trigger for this. They wanted to remove the dashboard and check all the connections but, for me, this seems like a drastic measure. The 12V batter was changed two years ago in summer 2018, the error started to appear in summer 2019. I'm writing this because I've found some, on other places, suggest that is the 12V battery. Do any of you encounter this problem or do you have any idea about what causes it ?? Thank you!