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  1. Hi,thank you for reply I’m having 2 error codes which are C1336 and C1346.
  2. Hello, new member have owned Toyota cars for last 20 years currently own a 1987 MK1 MR2 I’m second owner from new and car only has 40,000 miles it’s my pride and joy.Also I own Toyota 1.6d 2015 saloon which has just developed a auto handbreak problem since garage changed breaks.
  3. Hello, I had all disc and pads changed on my Avensis today and now I have yellow warning lights on dashboard because the automatic handbrake has stopped working,I have to pull and press the leaver manually.The garage said that their computer wasn’t talking to the car properly and they will have to look into it.Can anyone please give me some advice on how it can be fixed?
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