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  1. Yes its my first winter with this car. Thanks.
  2. Hi all. My mpg has dropped from 55-60 by about 10-12 mpg. I am averaging 43-47 mpg. I did consider it being winter and having heater on etc, but was wondering if there could be other factors coming into the mix? Tyre pressures are at the factory recommendations... Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all. Does anyone know if it is possible to turn off the reversing bleeping noise? I tried a few of the youtube videos from the US but gave up after several attempts.. 🤯
  4. Funny enough we bought the Honda off the same guy only because the Honda was all round mint apart from a few supermarket dings it is mechanically spot on... I did a thorough check on the Prius MOT and service history which all came back as legit! It's only done 73000 and only had one MOT failure back in 2012 for rear brake discs. I love this car. 👍
  5. We have a mint Honda insight which is 2 years younger and mechanically brilliant. But we both choose to drive Prius! It is a much more refined car. The only problem is finding a genuine prius that has not been a taxi and well looked after. I am considering selling the Honda and buying another Prius. 😂
  6. Thanks. I got used to all the weird noises now and even though its a 13 year old car we love it. There is not one rattle... Just got to find a modern android head unit with satnav and bluetooth to replace the broken CD player?
  7. Hello guys. I am looking to replace the stereo Radio/CD player for a android satnav/Bluetooth Touch screen system in my 2007 Prius T4. Could anyone recommend any?
  8. Thanks. I will continue to monitor the very low noise..👍
  9. I am 99% sure this noise is just the electric motor as the petrol engine doesn't kick in till after 30mph? I have observed the energy display as the noise is happening and it's always showing the battery sending power to the front wheels. I love this car...
  10. Hello, Can't seem to find Pete B but here is the noise if anyone can hear it. Might need headphones on and turned up high.. Sounds a bit like a milk float? 30-32 MPH with CC on. Dronning_noise.wav Dronning_noise.wav
  11. Thanks I'll do that. 👍
  12. Thanks for the info, I feel less concerned now. I will post a video when the roads are dry at night when there is less traffic on the road so people can hear it better.. 👍
  13. Thanks for the info. Mine has done 73000 and the bearings were only done in Feb this year. I am suspecting the previous owner has tried to save a few quid and done the job himself. Let me know what you find out? Thanks 👍
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