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  1. I don't I keep the nozzle near top and fill up slowly to the brim and allow the air to settle down aswell. Tank was full but gauge reading only 3/4's. Tried it a few times now. I understand there are some issues with new Toyotas in USA same problem gauges stuck on 3/4's with a full tank of petrol. Seems that some Toyota petrol tanks like Corolla and RAV 4 distort in hot weather causing faulty gauge readings. See eventually what the dealer finds out-IF!
  2. Only recently about month ago. Gauge needle kept creeping down then stuck at 3/4's even with a full tank of petrol. As I use more fuel needle does go down. So, I have been asked to empty the tank and then refill it and see if the gauge needle goes back to FULL.
  3. The petrol gauge on my 2019 Corolla 2.0litre hybrid reads 3/4's even when the petrol tank is full. The dealer says they cannot find a fault on their machine system. They keep fobbing me off all the time so looks like court action against Toyota! Anyone else had this issue or any ideas.
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