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  1. No only in gear.... in ever gear it does it... no vibration when I neutral... have read on a few forms that in the Corolla 1 8 vvti same problem and the solutions is too chnage the intake manifold... might give it a try
  2. The Petrol 1.8 VVTI are good, good on fuel 35/40MPG locally, no Dual mass flywheel to replace, no DPF problem, no turbo problem, i had no previosuly which i owned from 200K to 270K, no problems.
  3. Hi, i have purchased a 2006 1.8 VVTI avensis around a month ago with 130K on the clock, drives bang on but have noticed heavy vibration in every gear, starts from 2700 RPM until 3100 RPM, everything under that is fine and everything over that is fine, most noticeable around 2900 RPM and 3000RPM, vibration comes from the front body, pedals and floor well. i previosuy owned a 1.8 VVTI 2005 with 270K on the clock when i sold it and never exprienced this problem. I took the car to two garages and both cant figure out what the issue is, they have both informed me that no fault codes have shown
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