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  1. Little late to the thread, sorry about that. Worth doing research to see if yours is one of the ones that burn a bit of oil or not. I believe sometime around 2004 or 2005 they fixed the heavy oil burning on the zz-fe's. If it does, worth keeping an eye on your oil level. Other than that, you have your general issues you expect from a 17 year old car. Dodgy idling is normally a clogged up throttle body and is supposed to be semi common, annoying squeaky clutch pedal. Apparently then squeaky pedal can be fixed with a new slave cylinder, but I've done 50k ish miles wi
  2. Close to that 200k miles on a 3zz? Doing well if you're getting that high up. Thankfully the only engine issues I've had is chain stretch at around 170k, been resolved now and currently at just under 200k.
  3. Awesome, cheers mate. I'll assume 10k is good enough then. I'm doing 25k ish miles a year so would rather not be doing changes every 5k if I can avoid it 😛
  4. https://i.imgur.com/eSfLWJF.png Noticed that Haynes Pro has 3 different points when an oil change should be carried out. 10k miles for UK, 9K miles for EU, 4.5k miles for "Severe Conditions" How often do you guys/gals change the oil changes for this zz-fe family of engines? Also, just realised the aux belt is supposed to be changed every 60,000miles ish, woops. Currently at about 100,000 since last one
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