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  3. Holly Molly! Quite some time passed away since anyone posted in this Timeline string ... It’s July 2020 And I have owned and driven my Urban Cruiser now for over a month. I am Extremely happy with my diesel two wheel version. Although it’s a used second hand car I must say it’s all over handling including parking and on all kinds of roads,is like driving on rails. Visibility as well as all around & rear view excellent as well! I find it hard to ascribe how I honestly Love driving this vehicle. Throughout the years I have driven a vubik variety of automobiles, however the upright and comfy seating makes me so relaxed and self assured while driving like nothing else reminiscent. For four years I was driving the Toyota Previa that was back around 2004 / 2005 now that one was very comfy as well and had an immaculate climate air conditioning. Well this was a very much larger family vehicle. I sincerely hope we will see a whole lot of Urban Cruisers around for many years to come! hopefully Toyota will bring forth a revival retro in the future? Just loving it!