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  1. I can comfortably hear my music, speech and phone calls and the volume on the display is low/mid 20s. Maybe the audio source you are using is quiet? I use a dedicated USB for music in the data port but even the radio is fine
  2. I also have the same black paint on my 2019 Corolla TS The argument that the problems you have seen are caused by water based paint is incorrect as systems used in factory applied paint use solvent based top coats. Basecoats etc. For sure can use waterborne but not top coats as they aren’t resilient enough. The problem with most paint these days is that the drive to lower solvent content (VOC) has forced manufacturers to use lower molecular weight polymers which are compromised in terms of chemical and physical resistance properties, and by the way, lead to poor flow and levelling cau
  3. I think there are 2 issues, the infotainment system is poor - in fact I’m surprised you aren’t getting vibrations/resonance from the door speakers at that volume and secondly the factory fit tyres are equally poor with a lot of noise. Having said that you should check the obvious like the bass and equaliser settings and balance etc to make sure nothing has been altered plus make sure the speed related volume system is on
  4. Bit too cold at the moment for photos but quite clear instructions on pages 528 and 529 of the online handbook as well as advice on how best to extend the net partition
  5. The Toyota system is worse than that. You may as well be speaking Klingon. Tried to get Apple car play installed at the first service last October but dealer wasn’t ready to do it and since then there has been nowhere to travel to anyway. Net result is I haven’t spoken to frosty knickers for several months now. Ford Sync is far far better
  6. Using the voice control has led to raised voices on several occasions and as a result now we no longer speak. Dreadful system which actually is significantly worse than the system in my previous 2014 Ford Focus
  7. System works well on my car and I leave it on all the time. It does stay on sometimes even when there are streetlights but this is mainly because modern streetlights are abysmal. One of the few things which does work unlike the atrocious sat nav system and non-functional road sign system
  8. The 3 metal clips slide onto 3 brackets on the back of the rear seats when laid flat. The net then is pulled upwards and locates in an additional set of eyelets in the roof. If you look on the roof you will see plastic covers either side. Open these covers to reveal the eyelets. It is one of the best features of the estate in my opinion as it lets me transport two large greyhound dogs in comfort plus there is still room in front of the net for storage
  9. Around town I average about 35mpg typically. Very few longer trips due to lockdown etc. But a trip from Liverpool to London and back was averaging just under 50 mpg. This is the Design spec estate with 17” wheels. One annoying thing coming from a diesel is the small fuel tank which limits range to less than 350 miles
  10. Correct. 1st service due on Monday and only just hit 2000 miles thanks to Covid
  11. A skilled refinish painter will measure the colour of the bodywork and match the paint to that. In addition their skill with spray equipment should allow much better colour match. Think about it - refinish shops match old faded paint perfectly. This of course assumes the refinish painter is skilled.
  12. Not correct. Bumpers are usually painted by third party ‘tier 1’ suppliers to the OEM. They are not painted on the same paint lines as the bodywork. A re-painted bumper would be done by a skilled refinish painter who should be able to colour match to the bodywork much better
  13. Pretty sure mine shows miles to service. There is a spanner symbol with a mileage next to it which shows up briefly when you first turn it on. This then goes off and is replaced by the normal odometer
  14. There is a good reason for this and many manufacturers have similar problems. Obtaining paint adhesion to difficult plastics like modified polypropylene used in bumpers and other painted components is difficult. The paints are typically applied using specialist equipment and paint lines different to the metal bodywork. The paint type is also different due to the different heat resistance of the materials involved. Colour consistency is therefore a problem but should be measured and within certain tolerances. The fact that you can see this difference suggests the tolerance has been exceeded and
  15. Bilt Hamber pre-wash, rinse off with pressure washer. Followed by Turtle Wax snow foam which is left to dwell for about 10 minutes or less depending on temperature. Further rinse with pressure washer followed by 2 bucket contact wash method with Bilt Hamber concentrated shampoo with both buckets fitted with grit guards. Rinse followed by either good quality microfibre towel dry or air blower. Polish with Autoglym Super Resin Polish - which is actually one of the best swirl removers/fillers on the market and then a final protective coat with Bilt Hamber double speed wax. I’ve had the car since
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