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  1. how about the 3rd week in july,does that suit? once we get a date sorted ill start to find out about camping etc,and we can get a route decided
  2. the more the merrier i say ive driven to inverness a few times, was a great drive,just a shame i was in my wee seat ibiza at the time,haha camping and boozing in the tents will bring back memories :D
  3. i suppose camping would help bring costs down since fuel is getting dearer by the day. I was thinking of july time? towards the end maybe? we can get an idea of where people who want to go are from and decide on where to start from. if anyone else knows any better drives to go on then get ur ideas in
  4. I was thinking of trying to organise a trip to inverness,or possibley a bit further, stop at fort william for lunch and on to our destination. over night stay then a different route back to glasgow the next day. just wondering if anyone would be interested in helping to try and get this idea into reality? i dont see many scottish meets this year so this could be a chance to get somthing sorted. Glen
  5. thats me been stopped for the number plate now,just got a telling off tho which was good.
  6. to be honest its not been on the road enough for the plate to get noticed :( so once the engine is rebuilt ill find out what the police have to say,no doubt it will be a pull
  7. any1 else having problems washing their car with all the snow,ice etc :( its manky again and i cant even use the jet wash in the garage to rinse the car as they are all frozen
  8. the spoiler came on the car and theres so much needing done engine wise that and bodywork changes will be a good while away :(
  9. I've bought 3 wrecked turbo MR2s - thankfully some folk don't master the cornering ability so front end them leaving me with a source of engines and parts for my 2 MR2 powered RAV4s. You're welcome to get in touch/have a look at the RAVs...not that you'd likely want one but one of the engines is tuned up pretty well for what has been a fairly small budget. Many of the wrecked MR2 turbos are low mileage imports where you could gather more parts - but be careful as I did buy one from a chap who had stripped many of the sensors and stuff from the car before I picked it up. It seems to be cheaper to buy the whole car than buy a 3SGTE engine alone!!! ill need to get over and see what bits you have left,im going to need to change most of the hoses on the engine as someone has chopped a lot of them and done some dogey repairs. im definately after some decent power on a smallish budget. how much did you spend on your engine?
  10. if im wanting to run bigger power will i need to upgrade my turbo? if i go down this route i want to get a decent power rise for my money. im not really sure on what id need to buy so i appreciate your help. im just starting to look for the bits just now. im going to get all the parts over the next few months,then when i get my tax returns in april that will pay a garage to do the rebuild :D
  11. im also looking for someone in glasgow to do some work on my mr2. im wanting an engine rebuild.
  12. ill go and have a look just now,also poss looking for a new engine so ill see if any1 on there has any ideas on where to get one.
  13. the thing im confused about is how the car runs and sounds fine,but just doesnt seem to want to boost correctly,and obv the oil from the dumpvalve under boost. i dont really fancy doing a rebuild,id rather buy a new engine i think. ive been looking for a new engine online, can any1 point me in the right direction incase i need to go down that line.
  14. no news ok kitt in afraid,or my celica either :( when you say rebuild,are we talking full engine? if so can any1 recomend what to buy? and how far do i go. if im going to be spending a bit of money id like to build somthing with a bit of power. my mate can do the rebuild so i just need to source the parts. any1 on here rebuilt their engine?
  15. i dont have a boost gague,just a boost controller. i will try and get a look at the turbo as soon as i can,im just confused,as the car seemed to boost fine before the solonoid for the boost controller was connected. i dont have a clue what damage was caused when the oil pressure built up but im guessing its been a bit worse than i thought. if it has been detonation then i think ill be breaking the car, i was thinking about buying a knackered engine and rebuilding it with my mate, its got to the stage that i dont know if i should be spending anymore on the car though. its a shame since its just been painted,full new brakes,wheels refurbed etc etc just out of interest,anyone on here had a forged engine built? and prices. cheers guys
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