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  1. It would be hard to say if the rattle is directly related. Get yourself a 3ft length of garden hose - hold one end against your ear and move the other end around your engine with the cover off too try and narrow down where it's coming from.
  2. The white smoke and sooty smell at startup sounds alot like an issue seen on high mileage 1cd-ftv engines. Essentially the copper washers at the base of the injectors would fail and allow exhaust gas into the crankcase. Your car probably has the later "ad" engine so I have no idea if that is as common an issue with them. £2 for the washers and I paid £60 labour to get mine done but that was a local mechanic I know well. If that's your issue then the sooner you get it looked at the better... I must've cleaned 2 or 3 KG exhaust soot from my intercooler and intake manifold
  3. Hi guys, Quick question regarding the electric throttle body in my 2002 D4D avensis. If you manually move the throttle plate when the car is off - should the throttle plate return to it's home position or stay where you leave it? Every throttle plate I've ever seen, electric or otherwise will be snapped back to the closed position by the return spring when you move it manually. Now the avensis is weird for a start because the spring is trying to return the throttle plate to the wide open position. But what really gets me is that if you move it by hand to half way between fully open and fully closed it will just sit there. Everything is clean and free. If I remove the electric motor the return spring does it's job but it doesn't feel like there's anything wrong with the motor - there is a fair amount of resistance but it just feels like a permanent magnet motor with strong magnets.