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  1. Many thanks. I guess it was not such a big problem, as I managed to make it home OK. And I am booked in with the dealer to have it fixed on Monday.
  2. So far so good; thanks for the reassurance.
  3. Hello I bought my first Toyota, an Auris 2013, three weeks ago. Last week, the warning lights came on to say the hybrid system was not working. I managed to find a local dealer who said that the battery filter was blocked, fixed it, and all seemed well. Then, just yesterday, all the warning lights came on again. The problem is, I am on holiday and have a 750km drive to get home. We are due to leave tomorrow and I cannot get the car looked at before then. So, is it safe to drive a long journey on the petrol motor? Will it do any damage if I do so? The car is under guarantee from the dealer, so I'm not too bothered, but I want to know if it is OK to undertake the long drive home. Many thanks in advance, and if this is a FAQ, apologies, but I did not know what to search ofr. Jeremy
  4. Just a quick note to introduce myself. I got my first Toyota, an Auris, three weeks ago. I am an expat in Italy. I first came here to learn about Carplay (disappointing) and now I have a question, which I will ask elsewhere. Thanks Jeremy